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10 minute Full-Body to “God is On the Move”, “Stand by You”, and “Satisfied”

12 minute Full-Body LIVE CLASS video

20 Minute Full-Body Low-Impact Christmas Workout: Isaiah 9:2

20 Minute Full-Body workout FULL VIDEO James 1:12 (CHALLENGING!) 

13 Minute Full-Body Workout: FULL VIDEO Colossians 1:10-14

“FEEL IT” Total Body Conditioning 

Drumsticks: DIAMONDS by JohnnySwim

Breathe Cardio Intervals by Johnny Diaz

20 minute full body Workout: New Creation Isaiah 43:18-19 FULL VIDEO

Drumsticks: OH FEAR by Moriah Peters

Leg Burnout: “BROTHER” with Drumsticks

15 minute Tabata Workout

“RISE UP” Bicep/Tricep Workout

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