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Hey, friends.

The past two weeks have been busy. I’m sure yours have, too.

I’ve been in a place of not really taking care of myself through choosing foods that bring energy, not getting in enough exercise, not resting enough, not drinking enough water, etc.

The Lord has shown me that I need to operate from a place of freedom, which for me means:
No over obsessing or restricting food, no over-exercising, no focusing on the scale
No neglecting, no binging, no treating my body as a trashcan

The past two weeks I’ve swung too far into the place of freedom and have not been stewarding my health well.

And it matters. It does.
It affects everything else in my life.
When I’m eating poorly, I’m moody, short-tempered with my kids, I’m tired, I’m sometimes achy, have an upset stomach, and I don’t have the energy to get up and do anything.

Today, I’m asking you the same question the Lord has been asking me, “But are you FREE?”

Watch this short video and then ask yourself the same question: BUT ARE YOU FREE?

(if viewing this post in your email browser, click HERE to see the video)

We’re in this thing together. There IS a place of freedom where we can operate from, but it will take time, practice, patience, and prayer. It’s worth pursuing.

Will you join me??

Ladies, if you’re looking for some support and accountability in your own journey, the At-Home TRIBE can be a great resource for you. Click HERE to get all the details.

Love y’all. Have a great day!



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