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Hey, friends!
This past Sunday, I made some confessions, and promised you that I would be getting back on track and back to basics. I also told you I would have you an April Calendar ready for you.

To go print your own .pdf copy, click HERE.

Basically, each day you will record how well you did meeting the FOUR Back2Basics Healthy Habits that we are working on:

Here’s a quick video explanation:

If reading this through your email or a feed, click HERE to see the video.

1- Water: Did you drink your water? If so, put a vertical line down the middle of that day’s square
2- Exercise: Did you move your body today? If so, put a horizontal line across that day’s square.
3- Sleep/Resorative Care: Did you get enough sleep or do a restorative activity like leisurely walking or stretching/yoga? If so, put a check mark in the upper right hand corner of that day’s square.
4- Limiting Added Sugar: Did you limit the amount of added sugar you consumed today? If so, put a check mark in the upper left hand corner of that day’s square.

The goal is to have as many lines and check marks as possible. Easy enough, right?

At the end of the month we will share our calendars and see how everyone did.

Are you with me? Go print your calendar and get started. You can do this. Small, sustainable changes that add up to long-term health benefits and a healthier lifestyle.

Praying for you and cheering you on!!!

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