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I always try to be transparent in this space.

If you follow
along on the Facebook page, you see me openly write about some of my
struggles. I don’t have things figured out and I don’t pretend to.

last few months of life have been BUSY! They’ve been full of good
things, but I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. My follow-through on many
things I intended to do has lacked, and I haven’t done a good job with
keeping up with many parts of life, my own personal health and this blog

Confession #1: Truth is, with so many fun things happening over the last few months, I’ve slipped back into some bad habits.
I began to use these fun occasions as an excuse to indulge, then the next day finding another reason, then another the next day. The same old familiar cycle would start.

Friends, there will ALWAYS be a reason to indulge if we’re looking for one. Always.

And I do not believe that indulging in and of itself is bad.

But when I’m doing it often and then losing some of the freedom I’ve gained because of it, that’s a problem.

I began to make poor choices and then return to the negative mindset that held me captive for so long. And although I’m not going to go into detail right now, know that if allowed to continue, I would be right back where I was when this journey began- trying to reduce and restrict and earn my worth through my outer appearance- my mask. And that is not what God has for me- that is not what He has for you, either.

I cannot help lead you into a place of freedom in which I do not myself stand, so I’m getting back to basics with you.

I WILL drink half my body weight in ounces of water. I will start off my day super early with some quiet time and then go lead my local ladies in a
good workout/worship session. I will NOT tell myself that I deserve a
Reeses peanut butter egg (really, not tomorrow- no sir, no way), and I
will plan my meals and snacks so that I can nourish my body in ways that
make me have energy and feel free.

And if I fail- I’ll give myself some grace, but get right back on track. I will look to HIM for my worth and let Him tell me how to move and to eat and to love and to live.

Confession #2- I’ve really slacked here in this space. I’m not disappointed in myself because truly, I’ve done all that I can do, but I do intend to do better. So I’m setting out a new plan.

On January 1st I invited you to join me in a Back To Basics challenge where we would focus on a new healthy habit every 21 days. Many of you joined me initially and made it through the 1st habit: Water.

From there we moved on to Exercise, Getting enough sleep, and finally sugar.

And truth be told, it’s just been more than I could keep up with and I wasn’t able to keep giving you new info each week for each habit. We’re supposed to be getting ready to start week #3 of our focus on reducing SUGAR, and I’ve only posted once on that topic.

So I’m changing plans.

From here on out for 2015, we will have one habit PER MONTH and we’re going to use the month of April to go back and master our first 4 habits: Water, Exercise, Sleep, and Reducing Sugar.

Each month I’ll introduce a new habit that we will add in to the ones we’ve already mastered. You can jump in at any point, or go back and start from the beginning.

Here are all the posts from the beginning:

WATER posts here, here, and here)
EXERCISE  posts here, here, and here
Sleep posts here and here. And here.
And I posted once about SUGAR and you can find it here.

On April 1st I’ll have a calendar posted that you can print off and some instructions on how to use it each day. I think it will be a good tool for us to keep us on track and help us get back to some healthy habits.

So,  this is me,  telling you that I haven’t been walking what I talk, or practicing what I preach like I need to be to lead you well.
And I’m ready to return.

Are you still with me? Can we do this thing together?

As always, our pursuit of gaining more of HIM is always worth it and I will be here praying for you and cheering you on!!!

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