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One of my favorite things in life is leading my local group fitness
classes. If you’ve followed this blog for very long, you know that this
entire journey has been a total God-thing and that I just kind of
stumbled along into it. He has quite literally thrown open doors and
made things happen. And it’s been amazing to watch. 

I teach 3 days a week and have a fairly large group this session (67 on the roster- most days we average about 45). These ladies are so strong, so humble, and teachable, and willing to try new things. And so I want to keep coming up with new challenges for them.

I spend a significant amount of time each week researching new exercise moves, choreographing songs to use with them, and planning whatever my Biblical teaching/message will be for that week. This week, with it being Holy week, I wanted to really put together something amazing.

I began to struggle. And stress. And strive. I wanted to make my Easter teachings be so good, that I started to miss the point. I started to make it about ME and what I could deliver to these ladies. Without realizing it, I began to strive to add to what Jesus has already came and done.

At Revelation Wellness we have a saying- “Just deliver the pizza”. What that means basically is that my job is to deliver the Good news of what He has already done. That’s it. My job isn’t to try to market the pizza to the people that come, my job is not to add to the pizza to make it better, and my job is not to make the pizza myself. My job is to deliver and then to get out of the way.

And this week, I missed that. I made it about ME and not about Him and what He has already done.

So God took my voice. Literally. I’ve been sick with allergies for several weeks now, but this week He took my voice and on Thursday I could barely make a squeak.
Which is when it hit me that I’ve been going about this thing all wrong.
My job is to deliver the Good news, not to create Good news. Anything, ANYTHING good in me came from Him. ALL OF IT. And when I start to get in my own way and to make it about me, God lovingly disciplines me and shows me a better way- HIS way.

So I confessed. I poured out all of my yuck and ugliness and asked for His forgiveness. And I prayed that if it be His will, that I could speak to lead my class today. If not, I determined I would still show up and lead with visual cues, but today, He gave me the voice I needed to say the message He gave me…

And it wasn’t a big, 4 point Easter sermon- it was transparency. It was grace. It was sharing with my group how I had failed and missed the mark. How I had been striving and making it about me instead of about Him. And how the Gospel message is that He came and did the work for us because we never could. We will never been “good enough” on our own and all that we have that IS good is because of Him.

It was a sweet time of confessing and repentance and I really feel like He was glorified.

It may have taken losing my voice for me to finally find the RIGHT voice- HIS.

I’m grateful.

Friend, if you don’t know Jesus and you’re ready to surrender, there is NO better time. You don’t have to be good enough, you don’t have to clean up your life before you can come to Him. HE alone makes you enough. Please contact me if you need help learning more about how to find your way to Jesus. He’s waiting on you, right now.

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