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This week I wanted to introduce you to one of my friends, Rebecca. I first “met” her online when she messaged me after trying some of my YouTube workout videos. She continued to be a huge supporter of my ministry and when I launched the At-Home TRIBE last October, she was one of my first participants. Since then, I’ve gotten to know her through online interactions and have been so proud of her enthusiasm, dedication, hard work, and heart for others and the Lord.

I think you’ll enjoy hearing about her journey and I think you’ll be encouraged to keep walking forward in your own.


My name is Rebecca and I am a 34 year old wifey, twister (twin sister) and higher ed professional who loves Jesus, my sweet Schnauzer Fitzgerald, food and family.

I work as a tutor coordinator and advisor at a small college in rural South Georgia and I love it; I feel thankful every single day that God led me to this career. My job can entail eating a lot since I like to cook for my tutors so that is its own challenge.

I joined the tribe back when it first began because I was so exhausted from a mystery heath issue. I had previously been a runner, but I was feeling so tired, running was out of the question. I was exhausted, achey and had suffered from stomach issues my entire life.

My twin sister, Alexis, was in the face-to-face class when she lived in North Carolina and said Kara was wanting to do an at-home option. I immediately jumped on board and found myself in awe over the words and comfort Kara gave. I was going to so many doctors for answers and was just lost; many times during the workouts I would sob because I felt so loved and cared for through the workouts and felt the presence of the Lord meet me.

I loved and still love the way the TRIBE changes me. I feel more connected to the Lord and more ready for challenges. I also love what it’s doing for my body. I had been a runner for 4+ years and I promise you that I never saw the results I do with the tribe. My arms are more defined and I feel stronger in so many ways.

Here is a picture of Rebecca with her husband a year ago (top) and then recently (bottom picture).


I typically do a workout every other day and am also on Weight Watchers.

On my off workout days, I walk lots and try to get in my Fit Bit steps (add me on Fit Bit.)

I lost about 30 pounds doing Weight Watchers and really wanted something for toning.

The TRIBE has done that and so much more!

I struggle with sweets (I LOVE all candy) but having accountability friends in the tribe helped me so much. My most favorite tribe workout is currently the ladder workouts. I love the way it builds me up, breaks me down and then strengthens me.

I was sitting in my office one day with my arms crossed and felt a lump in my arm. I immediately freaked out and thought I should see a doctor, but soon realized it was a MUSCLE!!
rebecca3 rebecca4

Here’s another transformation picture:

Top left was her starting picture then bottom are most recent.

I never felt that before and I owe it all to God and the tribe.

Now, I know that my initial health issues that led me to the tribe is an intolerance to gluten. I resolved those issues and am now happily Gluten Free.

I haven’t been running much since starting the tribe because I just love these workouts so much. My heart is more full, I feel more happy in general and know that God has a plan for me (and all of us).

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Rebecca!

If you are feeling weary or tired, just start somewhere. Go for a walk, grab some weights and begin trying to do some low-impact moves, turn up some music and dance, jump in the pool and do some swimming, ride a bike…do whatever makes you happy!

As you can see from her story, sometimes it’s a process of figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t, and sometimes it involves making changes to the type foods you’re eating.

It’s worth it.
You’re all worth it.

Press on today, friends.

Curious about the At-Home TRIBE? Click HERE to learn more about how this $12 a month membership site through the power of Christ can change your life!

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