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For those of you that know us in real life, you know how much my daughter loves dogs. She’s 8 years old and she is pretty much obsessed with them.

IMG_0432Our dog, Josie, passed away unexpectedly last month, but before that, they were inseparable.
Our daughter loves dogs. She plays with them, tries to “train” them, draws pictures of them, sings songs about them, spends all her birthday money on buying stuffed animal versions of them, and constantly asks us when she can get her own puppy.

Before we ever knew that we would be losing Josie, we began to research the possibility of getting her a puppy. After searching around, we decided to get her a Golden-Doodle. We found a breeder within driving distance who does a great job raising quality pups and who charges a reasonable fee. Without her knowing it, we put down a deposit and planned to surprise her on her birthday by telling her about this new puppy that would be coming to live with us as soon as it was old enough.

Unfortunately, 5 days before her birthday, we lost our sweet Josie and so all of our hearts were a bit weary.

The thought of starting over with another dog so soon seemed on one hand more than we could take, and on the other hand, couldn’t get here quick enough.

The Lord is really good, isn’t He? Before we ever knew that we would be losing Josie, He worked it out to where another puppy would be arriving at our home just three weeks later. He knew how much we needed a little doggy in this house.

On the morning of her birthday, we wrapped up her presents with the last one being a package that contained a dog leash, a box of puppy treats, a puppy collar, and a picture of the new puppy.

She was ecstatic!

Here’s a video of it in case you want to see:

If reading this through your email, go to https://youtu.be/10A2WaFk1Sg to view it.










That afternoon, we loaded up and headed to the breeder’s home who had allowed us to pick out our puppy that day.

IMG_9819 IMG_9820 IMG_9822 IMG_9829 IMG_9847


After much more deliberation than we expected, we settled on a sweet boy that we have named Boone.

We’ve spent the past few weeks getting our home puppy-proofed and ready for our new baby.
We still have days where we’re all pretty sad and missing our sweet Josie. But we are hopeful that this boy will bring some healing and new memories to our family.



We went to pick him up last night and we are all IN LOVE already with this sweet boy!





My hope is to get him settled in and acclimated and then to rescue a second dog from our local pet shelter.

It’s been a LONG, long time since we’ve raised a puppy so I’m sure we’re in for a few sleepless nights and some new adventures.

We believe that the Lord directed us to this little fella and that He knew how much we would need him after losing Josie. We are so grateful! When we went to pick him up we found out his actual birth date and it’s the same as our sons! So cool how God works all the details out. He loves us that much, friends. I’m so grateful!

Dogs are one of my favorite things that the Lord made. Such a gift.

I’ll keep you updated on his adventures as he grows and I’m sure he’ll be making some appearances in our TRIBE workout videos soon!

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