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I decided it was time to cut off this long hair and of course, turned to all of you for advice.

I posted this picture on the facebook page, and asked for feedback.

Y’all were pretty divided between the four choices and I enjoyed reading through all of your comments. I received a message in response to the post from a lady named Michelle who told me that she has Alopecia. She also told me about an organization called Hair We Share that would not only accept color treated hair, but also hair that isn’t the required 8-10″ that other organizations ask for.

I have always wanted to donate hair, but there has never been a time it hasn’t been color treated so I was thrilled to find an organization that I could donate to!

I did a little research looking into Hair We Share and was super impressed with the organization.

So that I could send as much hair as possible to this organization and in honor of this sweet new friend, Michelle, I decided to go a bit shorter than originally intended.

Here’s the before picture with my holding my old ponytail:

And here’s the AFTER:

I can still get it into a tiny ponytail and it seems like it’s going to
be pretty easy to maintain. I think I will probably get a bit more
layering in the back when I go back next time, but it’s a good change.
(We’ll see if I still think that after I’ve had to wash/dry/and style it
myself. Hairstyling is NOT my strength).

If you have hair to share, please check out this amazing organization. And if you want to help contribute, THIS LINK will take you directly to Michelle’s campaign page where she is trying to raise funds to offset the cost of her own wig.

Have a great day, friends!

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