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As I’m sitting here reflecting back over the past year I am completely humbled and in awe of what God has done.

Here’s the quick version for those that are new to the blog:

On July 8th, 2014 I posted on Facebook and asked if any of my friends were willing to show up and meet me at a local park for a group workout. The original plan was to collect donations and to earn enough money to pay for my plane ticket to Revelation Wellness Instructor Training.

 I really had no business leading a group at this point and not much of
an idea of what I was doing. (You can read the full story with details
about that day HERE.)
I had no real training, but I knew that God has asked me to step out in
faith…To be willing to offer up the little that I had so that He
could make much of it for His plans and His glory.

We set the first workout date for July 15th, and 15 brave women showed up.

 We moved, we laughed, and although I may have missed some of the cues and choreography, we had a great workout. Our scripture focus was on John 15 about on ABIDING. To STAY, to REMAIN, the CONTINUE the course with Jesus.

And looking back over the past 12 months since that day, I can see how that is what I and these ladies have been asked to do: To STAY rooted in His Word and His plans, to REMAIN even when it’s been hard or discouraging, and to CONTINUE the course that He has set us on.

Our little group has gone through times of huge growth and times of decline. We have gone from being women who weren’t quite sure where we fit to now having formed our own tribe of women who are willing to be real and to struggle through the hard things in life together.

At one point or another I think all of us have had days where God’s Spirit has moved so powerfully that we’ve been brought to tears, and there were days when we showed up even when we really didn’t want to.

As we have learned more and more about who HE says we are, we have been able to set down the idols of fear, of striving, of trying to earn our worth through our outward appearance.

We have learned that it won’t matter who good our physical condition may be if our hearts are far from God and we’ve challenged each other to believe that YES WE CAN do hard things because of who HE is IN us.

After our first workout on July 15th, 2014, when the ladies all left
I sat and wept at God’s faithfulness. And today, I sit here and do the
same. He is faithful, Friends.

When He called, I had NO real talent in leading groups, no real training in how to do so, and no idea how on earth I could do it. And yet He provided.

Our little group has grown from that first faithful 15 to having groups as large as 67. There have been over 150 women that have come at one point or another, and with each class we are doing our best to humble ourselves and to draw deeper into relationship with Him as we steward our health well for HIS glory.

We have girls as young as 7 that come to workout with their Mamas, girls in college, women that are single, women that are married with kids, grandmothers, and all stages in between. We’ve found a way to create a community where ALL sizes, ALL shapes, ALL ability levels are welcomed and celebrated, and friends, in this crazy fitness industry, that is rare.

If you currently attend, or you have ever come to even one class,
thank you. THANK YOU. You are quite literally an answer to my prayers.

If you’ve not been able to come but you’ve supported us through kind messages, purchasing a t-shirt, sharing facebook posts, including this ministry on your prayer list, or even just speaking an encouraging word to me, THANK YOU. You have kept us going, whether you realized it or not.

As we enter into our second year, we’re doing so with open hands.

People have asked me repeatedly since I found out that I would be pursuing this ministry full-time, “what’s your plan now?”

And the only answer I can offer is this: obedience.

That’s the plan.

Waiting on His timing and going where He leads.

I know enough to know that this is only going to work if I fully follow hard after His plans for this ministry and offer up my own.

You may not be called to lead a fitness ministry, or to blog, or to speak or write, but friends, I can promise you this: YOU ARE CALLED to do something.

There is a work ahead of you that God is equipping you for even now that is meant for only you. He has gifted you uniquely to be ready and able for this work. Sometimes, He calls first and then equips as you are willing to step forward. (Case in point: THIS MINISTRY!)

If you feel Him leading you and telling you that it’s time to step out in faith, will you let this journey be an encouragement to you and just step?

I read a quote today that the hopeful are the ones who stare up the staircase in front of them, but the FAITHFUL are the ones who BEGIN CLIMBING and STEP UP THE STAIRS.

Your mission is ahead, friend. I can’t promise you that it will be easy but I can tell you with all certainty that IT WILL BE WORTH IT. HE is worth it.

So, today, we celebrate. We celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness and the journey He has led us on. And you should, too. He has set your journey before you and is encouraging you, even now, that it’s time to begin if you haven’t yet, or it’s time to take that next step if you’ve been stalled for a while. CELEBRATE His faithfulness. Celebrate His goodness. Celebrate His provision. He’s already said that you are ENOUGH and He has provided all that you will need for whatever lies ahead. Celebrate with each step. Set down markers of His faithfulness and continue marching.

As always, I’m here, praying for you and cheering you on!!! You’ve got this, friends, because He’s got you!

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