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Hello, friends!

Sorry for my long absence. It wasn’t planned, but life has been full and busy and had lots of ups and downs lately. I plan to catch you up on everything that has happened in the coming weeks, but for today I’m posting quickly to ask you for some prayers.

If you’ve followed my journey from the beginning, you know that God began placing a dream on my heart towards pursuing a certification called Revelation Wellness. You can read that story here.

And then, because He’s God and He can throw open any doors that He wants to, he did THIS.

So in August, I began Instructor training. I posted about the first class here.

And since that time, I’ve been immersed in the world of Biblical wellness. I’ve studied, and read, and listened to recordings, and prayed, and sought God’s will. And He has taught me so much. I’ve grown from listening to and learning from the people in my training group, Platoon 10. I’ve grown from the wisdom shared with me by our teachers.

And truthfully, I still don’t know what all God is calling me towards for this little ministry He named Wellness Witness. I’m still teaching my local fitness classes several times a week, and still posting often on the Wellness Witness Facebook page and Instagram accounts. I’m reading and studying and trying to wait to see where God leads.

But a huge step in this journey will start tomorrow.

I’m flying across the country by myself tomorrow morning to attend the Instructor training retreat. It will be held in Williams, Arizona at a conference center there. We’ve been told to expect it to be life changing and that God will speak in new ways to each of our hearts.

And if you know me, you probably understand the huge conflict I have going on in my heart right now.

Waiting expectantly for what God will do, but battling against fear and anxiety over this huge step.

Knowing that retreat is exactly where I have been called to go this week, but feeling sad over leaving my family at home.

Feeling fully confident that God has gone before and prepared the way for me and for this ministry, yet feeling the flesh side of me tug and moan and groan over being outside of my comfort zone.

So I’m asking for your prayers.

Please pray specifically:
That I would choose LOVE over FEAR and walk bold and confident towards the calling I’ve been given.

That I would stay healthy and physically able to do whatever will be asked of us over the next week (LOTS of exercise coming.)

That I would have an open heart and mind and fully open myself up to whatever He has to teach me while there.

For safety and health and protection over my loved ones back home while I’m gone, particularly my children and husband.

That the high elevation (7000 feet) and the cold temperatures (in the 20s at times) wouldn’t negatively impact me.

That I would be brave and make friends quickly.

That I will not be homesick (this has been a lifelong struggle for me).

That we would be able to sleep. I haven’t stayed in bunk beds in a cabin since I was 13 years old, so this should be interesting!

(Here’s a pic I found on the website for what our rooms may looks like:

And lastly, that satan would be bound.

I’ve always had a tendency that when things get hard or get scary, I pull back. I contemplate quitting or come up with excuses for why I can’t do something.

But God keeps saying to me: “If not now…when? If not you….who?”聽 .

So I’m walking forward.

I can’t wait to come back and share with you what all I learn. Thank you for your prayers up to this point and for your prayers this week.

I love all of you and appreciate you!


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