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This morning, a sweet friend posted a picture and some encouragement on a group page I’m a part of.

It was originally posted here, and it spoke so strongly to me that I wanted to share it with you.

This is what Andrea wrote:

need you to not quit.” I was driving to work this morning, when this
statement rose up in my spirit. It surprised me a little because I
wasn’t thinking about quitting anything at the moment. But I heard the
Holy Spirit say it again, “I need you to not quit.” It wasn’t an ominous
statement or a sense of foreboding, but rather a charge. A loving,
don’t-give-up, don’t-throw-in-the-towel, don’t-get-discouraged, don’t-count-yourself-out, don’t-lose-sight-of-where-we’re-going
charge to stay the course. I know we all face times when we can get a
little discouraged. Maybe we messed up in some way. Maybe we get
overwhelmed. Maybe we start to feel a little burned out and we wonder if
what we’re doing is making a difference at all. Does anyone see? Does
anyone care? Does GOD see? Does He care? I can tell you this, it really
doesn’t matter if people see or not, but God most certainly sees your
labor of love, your diligence and faithfulness during seasons when you
feel like maybe your part doesn’t matter. And He most certainly cares…
He is so proud of you. I promise you, your part in God’s story matters.
And He is lovingly urging you, “I need you to not quit. I need you to
stay in the race. To stay the course. I have my eye on you, and I’m
right there with you in that bend in the road that seems so deserted, so
unseen, so seemingly unnecessary. What you don’t see is that around the
corner, I have something amazing prepared just for you, and it will be a
blessing and joy for you, a benefit to the kingdom, and it will bring
glory to My name, if you don’t quit now.” Friends, stay the course.
Don’t give up. If I could look you straight in the eye right now, I’d
say with every conviction in my being, “Don’t quit. We need you. And,
sweet one? The best is yet to come.” Love you… xoxo “So let’s not allow
ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a
good crop if we don’t give up, or quit.” Gal 6:9, MSG


Beautiful, right? So that’s my challenge to you today. I need you to not quit.

Persevere, friend.

You’ve got this because He’s got you!

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