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Hello, friends!

On January 1st, I launched the #backtobasics2015 challenge where we
would tackle a new healthy habit every 21 days. No more quick fixes or
10 day plans towards six pack abs.

Small, sustainable changes that will add up to change your life.

To read more about it, you can click here.

Last week, we started our SECOND Healthy Habit: MOVE YOUR BODY.

I gave you small challenges each day that would help you figure out your WHY, then gather some motivation and inspiration, and then gave you assignments to complete.

Now we are ready for week #2!

Just like last week, I’ll type below a full description of each day’s challenge, plus I’ll post a link to where you can go access a printable checklist for each day’s tasks. This will be a great way for you to stay caught up and on track.

And if you get behind? (Or are just now joining us) GRACE. Jump in where you are. This is about sustainable, lifelong change so it’s okay to take it at your own speed.

Day #8: January 29th:
Last week you started a motivation journal, you figured out
your “Why”, you wrote down quotes that inspired you to press on, your recorded
your goals for 2015 in this journey, and you wrote down your goals for this
week in regards to your physical activity. Today’s task: take those goals that
you wrote down and schedule time into your daily agenda to make them happen.

For example: If my goals were to get in 3 twenty minute workouts and to spend
10 minutes walking a day, it may look like this:
Thursday: Get up early to complete 20 minute workout #1. Use
RevelationWellness VIP-TV or other at-home workout option. Complete my walking
that evening during commercial breaks in my living room.
Friday: take half of my lunch break and walk around campus. If raining,
walk inside.
Saturday: While the kids watch their Saturday morning cartoons, get in
workout #2. Use one of the workouts on the Wellness Witness website or one from
: Family walk Sunday afternoon. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!
Monday: Get up early to complete 20 minute workout #3. Park at the back
of the parking lot at work to get in five minutes of walking before work and
five minutes after.
Tuesday: Walk during lunch time. If raining, use the hallways.
Wednesday: Spend 10 minutes stretching and praying before bed.

Whatever your plan may look like, WRITE IT DOWN either in
your motivation journal or in your planner/calendar/agenda.

Day #9: January 30th:
Look at your planner/agenda/motivation journal. What did you schedule
for yourself to do today? MAKE IT HAPPEN. You’ve got this! Extra Credit: Post a
pic of your weekly schedule for us on the Facebook page!

Day #10: January 31st:

It’s Saturday. Spend some time today doing a physical activity that is fun.
Play basketball with your kids, have a dance party in your living room, go for
a swim if you have access to an indoor pool, ride a bike, etc. Physical
activity should NOT be something you have to suffer through. Find a type that
you love and do it for fun!

Day #11: February 1st:
Today is Superbowl Sunday, which means most likely means that you’re
going to be at a gathering with lots of delicious food to choose from. Best way
to get prepared before then?
1- drink your water! (Hello, healthy habit #1)
2- get in some exercise today or a nice, long walk
3- Pray- ask God to help you make wise choices that honor Him
4- Realize that this NOT the last chance in life that you will get to eat
delicious foods and so you don’t have to stuff them ALL in. Moderation is KEY

Day #12: February 2nd:
Did you overindulge last night? If not, GREAT JOB! If so, GRACE! Start fresh
today. Don’t wait for another day or another week. Start fresh with your very
next food choice. And get back on track with your exercise plan for the day.
Look back at your motivation journal and see what you scheduled yourself to do
today. Also review your WHY and at least one of your motivational

Day #13: February 3rd:
Physical activity can happen anywhere, at almost any time. Today, while
brushing your teeth, I want you to do some calf raises if you’re able. While
brushing your hair  do some squats. Now
drink your water and stick to your exercise plan for the day!

Day #14: February 4th:
Today I want you to explore some new forms of exercise that you may not have
tried before. Several great at-home options are listed here and here.
Do you do better in group settings? Spend some time looking at the group
exercises offerings at local gyms. Need the accountability of a partner? See if
there is someone in your neighborhood or at your workplace that may want to
partner up and walk together. This journey is SO much easier when attempted
together. If there isn’t anyone for you to team up with right now, it’s okay.
Know that God is with you and that you + GOD= the perfect team. Keep your eyes
on your WHY.

Branch out and try some new exercise forms or make plans to do so in the next
week. Speaking of next week, we enter into week 3 of this healthy habit
tomorrow, so go ahead now and write out your goals for the upcoming week in
your motivation journal and then add them to your planner/calendar.

And go check in on the Facebook page and tell me how week #2 went for you.

Here’s a photo of what your checklist will look like:

To access the printable word file, click HERE.

To access the printable PDF file, click HERE.

So proud of you all. KEEP PRESSING ON. YOU CAN DO THIS!


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