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Hey, friends!

Last week, I posted a video on the Wellness Witness Facebook page about a 100 calorie serving sized Snickers bar that had been released. If you watched the video, you probably noticed how excited I was over this new product. Not especially because it was “100 calories”, but basically because I love a snickers bar in any shape or form or size.  (If you missed the short video, you can find it HERE).
I don’t allow myself to eat one every time that I’d like to, or there would be no way to button my pants and there would be a shortage of them in my hometown.

I posted the video mainly to inform and to entertain, but some of the comments, emails, and private messages I got afterwards took the video quite seriously.
One response said, “I cannot believe that as someone working in the field of health and wellness that you would encourage anyone to eat a Snickers bar in good conscience“. Another woman said, “I can no longer follow your page if this is the type food you recommend“.

I am sorry to hear that, and I’ll be sorry to see her go, but, hear me, friends:
If living this “healthy” lifestyle means I could never have another Snickers bar (or insert your favorite treat food here) again, I’m not so sure that I’d continue.
And I don’t think that’s what the Lord has called me to. 

I tried to live a life of perfection and I got worn. slap. out.

When I was consumed by doing everything exactly right and never veering off my perfectly orchestrated meal plan, I lost my joy. Truly.
It became completely ME focused. My food plan. My weight. My weight loss. My meal prep. Me ME ME.

See, I don’t believe that the Lord wants us to completely neglect our health, yet I also don’t believe that He wants us to become obsessed over it, either.

I felt like this might be a great chance for me to clear the air and to be completely transparent with you here so that you know my heart:

Full Disclosure:
If you are looking to follow a healthy living page that always makes the perfect food choices, I’m sorry, that’s not me. 

If you want to follow on social media a girl who always completes her workouts and never misses a Monday? No, that’s not me, either. 

If you want to find a leader to give you the BEST nutrition and fitness advice in existence? Nope, I’m afraid that’s not me. 

If you want to learn how to constantly navigate the field of fat-loss nutrition without ever veering “off plan”, you won’t see that here. 

Hoping for professionally designed graphics, logos, images, grammar, and branding? This isn’t what you’ll find in this space. 

And none of those things I just listed are bad. In fact, they are quite amazing skills. BUT- they. aren’t. me. 

And If I’ve learned anything over the last 3 years of this journey, it’s that the Lord has given ME (and you!) a specific gifting and a calling and I have to be true to it.

So what can you count on from me?

If you’re looking for someone to cheer you on right where you’re at? I’m your girl. 

If you need someone to help you navigate the line of freedom that lies in between obsession and neglect, I’m your guide. 

If you’re tired of having someone spout off to you the one RIGHT way to do things and you need a friend to help you find the way YOU should go, I’m here. 

If you’re tired of wearing the mask of perfection, weary with quick-fix plans and sick of prosperity (false) gospel promises? This is the community for you. 

Sometimes you’ll see me all put together like this:
View More:

But most of the time, it will be more like this:

View More:


and this:




And the truth is, I’m not sorry.

I’m done with keeping up appearances. I’m done with competing with all of the other pages and blogs and websites out there. I’m done with feeling like I need to improve ANYTHING before it can be shared with the world. I’m over it and DONE.

It’s interesting timing for me, as I’m currently in an online-course and the unit we are studying is on branding. They’re talking about logo design and color schemes and finding your “flow” and the truth is, although those things matter, they are extremely low on my list.

What is at the top is this: 

Serving and loving the women that the Lord has sent me really well. 
Living authentically and hopefully cheering you on to do the same. 
Encouraging the weary. 
Speaking truth. 
Leading forward in love. 

The rest will fall into place.

So, yes, I admit it…I love a Snickers bar.
They bring me joy.
And I’m not sorry.

Here’s to living FREE, dear ones.



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  1. And this is why I will keep following you. Today I let myself get too hungry. Tiny, fun size Snickers bars were available. I lost control. At this moment I don’t even like Snickers. I was almost sick. I feel pretty bad about the whole situation but the only thing I can do is keep moving forward and make more good decisions than bad ones. I wish it was always easy. It’s not. It’s OK.

  2. LOVE this! Good for you! You are one of the biggest inspirations I have in this journey of faith and fitness and I appreciate that you are honest and real because that is how we all are too! God is using you!

  3. This. This is perfect. Like almost perfect to tears. THIS is why I believe in you but {so much more importantly} what GOD is doing THROUGH you.

  4. Beautifully said Kara! This is exactly why I follow your Facebook and will continue. You are you and I adore you! I love when you say “Embrace your weird.” I love the joy that exudes from you!

  5. Amen Sister! Thank you for sharing your heart & being you! The world does not need anyone else. God designed you for his purpose & You are uniquely designed to love, help, serve, and be a friend to those He brings to you. I am so glad he brought me to you! I am in agreement with your approach to health, wellness, and Jesus but it would be totally okay if I weren’t. Thank you for keeping it real & true & always sharing your heart. I love your brave.

  6. I LOVE this. And this is exactly why I DO follow you, have been in the At-hime Tribe for a year, and will stay. I could have written every single word here. Thank you for loving the Lord, loving your tribe, cheering us on and showing freedom. Love. You.

  7. Oh sweetheart… what an AWESOME POST! I’m with ya sister. 100%. God has broken the chains of bondage in my life with being obsessed with my FitBit, counting calories, doing 10 hours of cardio a week… I’m free!! 15 years ago I was 345 pounds and now I’m not. I’m healthy. I’m lean, I’m STRONG. I got lost along the way, making it all about ME ME ME (I totally get ya there) but the Lord was gracious enough to pull me to Him and free me from myself. I don’t usually share this, but on the day I started the Clean Hearting Challenge (the first one a couple years ago) the Lord spoke to me. He said “Steph, you are SO hard on yourself. Look how far you’ve come! Just be good to yourself.” And from that moment, He transformed me through that challenge. He was right then, and He’s right now. And I try. I AM good to myself now. I may stumble a little here and there, but I’m still free and I’m staying free. Maybe the words He spoke to me that day will help you, too? The Lord has taught me balance, what’s too much, what’s too little and where I’m just right. And yes, that means pizza sometimes and Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. Total restriction and perfection are my enemy.

    I’m PROUD of you friend for staying TRUE to who our Precious Jesus called you to be. There are many blessings in store for you and I pray for you to see them soon! Until then, I pray the Lord SHOWERS you with so much love today you just can’t stand it.

    Jesus, you are pretty awesome and I think I speak for both Kara and I when I say WE LOVE YOU!

  8. I am right there with you! I can’t believe (actually, to be honest, I can believe that people would say things like that) people thought one snickers bar is so horrific they would stop following you. I mean who can possibly live eating 100% organic/healthy all of the time. If I couldn’t have my Friday night pizza nights with my husband, and soon to be child…. :), or my occasional ice cream in a cup, or my sliced pepperoni (I am obsessed sometimes) I’d go crazy. I’d be so miserable and unhappy and… just mean. Eating a snickers bar every now and then, in moderation, is no big deal. I definitely do not believe God is going to forsaken me because I eat greasy no good for me pizza on Friday nights. Even Jesus drank wine! I am so sorry you got those kinds of comments. I will definitely keep following you because posts like this make me happy and you are very encouraging! Keep on trucking sister! 🙂

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