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Like much of the Eastern part of the country, we were slammed by a snow storm this week.

Where we live in NC this is not something that happens often, so when it does, it is a major disruption to life.

And for me, during this busy season of trying to raise babies, work outside the home, serve at church, launching a wellness ministry and trying to run my JuicePlus business, it was just the break that I needed.

These past couple days have been good for my soul.

Rest is so important, friends.

Whether it’s 8″ of snow that forces you to stay home and simplify for a few days,

or whether it’s rest you impose proactively because you know it’s needed…it does so much good.

As a family we try to make sure that we have a few nights each week that we are all home together because we recognize how important it is.

We try to set boundaries on the activities we choose to participate in and to keep margin to avoid being burnt out.

But as you probably well know, this is not easy.

And after these past few days, I’m reminded of the benefit of rest and time at home with loved ones.

Here are some pictures from our fun!

Notice what Mack is eating here? Wellness Witness “On-The-Go Protein Bites” Also notice that he has Press and Seal Wrap and scotch tape over his non-waterproof gloves. Yep.

Another thing that we started today over on the Facebook page was “Thankful Thursday”. I posted and asked people to tell me at least one thing that they were grateful for. The answers that they shared were beautiful.

I’ve learned that when we choose to find something in our circumstances to be grateful for, the problems seem much smaller.

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