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Hey, friends.

What strange times we’re living in!  Many of us are finding ourselves now suddenly at home trying to work, trying to keep everyone calm and fed, trying to homeschool our kids, trying to keep things running when nothing is normal, and trying to find some type of joy in the middle of it.

I’ve spent some time trying to gather resources that may help those of us who are looking for activities to involve our kids in that don’t involve sitting and watching YouTube video gamer channels or watching endless hours of mindless television.

This list was compiled with ideas I pulled from lots of places- online groups, pinterest, instagram, and more. It includes activities for kids of all ages, but especially includes activities for older children as I feel like this group is often overlooked in many of the activities I found online.

I’m using this list to help supplement the work we will be getting from the school as well as trying to build in time each day where they have independent play (this is a challenge at times), outside time, reading time, etc.

To find the list, click HERE.

I’m also including this SCAVENGER HUNT that is a version of one my sister created. She found ideas on Pinterest and then put them together for her girls to work on. I loved it so much that she let me use it. I made a few changes to better fit it to my family, but plan to have my kids work on it today. It’s AWESOME! This will definitely be for older kids that have access to a tablet or old phone so they can take photos as they go.

I hope that these help you a bit as you get up and running. Here’s what I know: God is still in full control of this situation and YOU ARE EXACTLY THE WOMAN (or man!) FOR THE JOB!
Give yourself some time and space to figure things out and then make your goal each day PROGRESS (and not perfection). Let’s not miss this opportunity we’ve been given to draw close to those we love and to spend some intentional time together. Yes, it’s hard, and it can also be holy. I’m in it with you…

(Also, if you are a podcast listener, you can head over to Itunes, spotify, podbean, stitcher or to the website and push play on Episode #29. It’s all about how to LIVE WELL during challenging times).

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