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I’ve started a new weekly series over on the Wellness Witness Facebook page.  Basically each Wednesday morning I will post a product/food/exercise/etc that has helped me on my health and fitness journey. I also ask readers to post their favorite health/fitness items.

Today was the first day and I shared a picture of my favorite water bottle:

I got this bottle for less than $5.00 at the local Wal-Mart. It’s BPA free and hold 2.2 Liters. It helps me meet my daily water needs and keeps me from having to run to the office to get fresh water every 30 minutes like I do when I use smaller bottles. Water is a CRITICAL piece in overall body functioning and in my energy and hunger levels.

So then I asked others to post. Here are the ones that were shared today:

Kristina from shared her food processor for the “What Works for Me Wednesday” series. She said she uses it to make Cauli rice. Brilliant!

Kim from shared one of her favorite items:
an item I use a lot…I have one jar for the kitchen for cooking and
one jar in the bathroom to use to remove make-up, moisturize, and in my
bath!” Thanks for sharing, Kim!!

This is from Jamie
. She said ” I love my SPIbelt. It’s like a fanny pack
for runners, but better looking. I put my phone in it. During long
races, I put little snacks in it. It’s stretchy, so you can fit a lot
more than you’d think.” LOVE this idea, Jamie! Thanks for sharing!

Trina from
shared this item: Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. She said “I drink 1T
Bragg ACV daily (add it in warm water with fresh ginger & cinnamon –
one of many options) Many energizing, cleansing & healing
benefits!!” Awesome, Trina!!! Thanks for sharing!

Carrie shared
a veggie spiralizer! She said “What works for me Weds is this Brieftons
veggie spiralizer. I learned of it from Emily Saunders ( . I seriously use
it 3 to 4 times a week to make zucchini noodles. Bought off Amazon.” So
cool! Thanks for posting!!

Rachelle posted on Instagram with one of her tips: She plans ahead and makes sure to take work-out clothes to her job. That way, if meetings run late, she has no excuse and can still get in a work-out. You can read more from Rachelle on her amazing blog .

I LOVED hearing new ideas from friends and learning more about what all is out there. Be thinking ahead and plan to join us next week for “Works (for me) Wednesday”.

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