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Last week I helped volunteer at my kid’s school store. I watched as little ones came up, presented crumpled dollar bills or counted out dimes and nickels, then carefully selected the item they wanted.

One little girl who couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 came up to the front of the line and just stood. She didn’t say anything really, but eventually got out her book bag and started looking through it for money to buy a pencil.

She looked for a few minutes then stopped and stood, never saying a word. I decided to help her so together we checked each pocket and folder to see if she had any money. When we had finished looking with no money to be found, I looked at her and said, “there’s no money in there today”.

Again, she just stood and stared. By this point there were several students waiting in line behind her that had been waiting for their turn.

I watched as another girl in line pulled out her two crumpled dollar bills from her pocket, held one out to the girl and said, “you can have one of mine- I’ve got two”.

I’ve thought about that little girl several times and I’m thinking of her again this morning.

What do I have that I can give away today? Instead of using what I’ve got for myself, how can I use it to bless others?

Maybe it’s money, but maybe it’s something else like time, presence, energy, encouragement, hope, or even truth.

What can we give away today to bless someone else? Are we willing to slow down enough to see the needs around us? Let’s pray and ask God to give us opportunities to give it away today.

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