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Hey, friends!

Hope that your week is going well. It’s the

Can you believe that?!?! Crazy!

My kids are finishing up their last couple weeks of school and then we are blasting into summer break. We can’t wait.

Wanted to share with you my #530amtribe and their super fun Kickboxing song from class this morning. When I watched it today I was overcome with joy. These women are learning to get COMFORTABLE being UNCOMFORTABLE and are willing to trade their comfort zones for new places of freedom. I love it. Watch it and share with someone who needs some new joy today.

If you can’t see the video above, click HERE.

Also, Today is the beginning of a challenge that I’m helping host called #boldinthesoul . If you have been with us since last year then you probably remember this super fun challenge.

I’m partnering with Revelation Wellness, Interactive FitClub, RevWell Anderson, and RevWell Florida Station for the month of June to encourage you to find some new freedom and boldness in who God made you to be.

We’re also giving away some seriously fun prizes, so the more you participate, the better your chances are to win. (Disclaimer: think quality vs. quantity also. Posting 14 different times a day probably won’t help you to win if you’re not posting quality content.).

There is a grand prize being given away by Revelation Wellness valued at $1,200 and then I get to give away another prize pack to someone from the Wellness Witness Community (online or locally).

Here are all the details you need to know:

 Stir up your courage and share with us what makes YOU bold in the soul! This can be anything from a physical character trait that you love about yourself, a soul trait that God has given you like integrity, generosity, optimism, OR you can simply share God’s truth. Get as creative as you like! We want to see you shine brightly in June! Get BOLD and let the world know what makes you, wonderfully YOU.
A question I use when trying to determine what my word should be for that day is this: “What am I because of Jesus?”

How to participate in the CHALLENGE:

  1. Take a picture of yourself using your WARPAINT (a.k.a. sharpie marker, or whiteboard marker) to write, either on yourself or a piece of paper that you’re holding up, your word(s) that share your #boldinthesoul statement for that day
  2. Post the picture on your PUBLIC Facebook and/or Instagram wall (it can NOT be a private account on Insta or in a group page on FB)
  3. Posts must be tagged @revelationwellness  and @wellnesswitness and use #boldinthesoul
  4. Follow all my fellow hosts below on their FB & IG accounts:
    • inneractive FITCLUB FB and IG
    • Revelation Wellness – Anderson, Indiana FB and IG
    • Revelation Wellness – Florida Station Church of God Anderson, In. FB and IG
    • Wellness Witness FB and IG
    • Revelation Wellness FB and IG

How to win the CHALLENGE:

  1. Follow the participation steps listed above
  2. Post well & as often as it matters to you!
  3. Be BOLD & Be authentically YOU!

 At the end of June, a winner will be chosen & announced. They will win an amazing PRIZE worth over $1200! To include: 50% off the full cost of Revelation Wellness Instructor Training (valid for one year), 1-Year of RevWell TV®, RevWell Apparel swag, the book Finally Free by Kara Osborne, 1-Month of RevWell Anderson’s At Home Program, a $50 VISA gift card from RevWell Florida Station, a ‘Grace Mode’ tank from inneractive FITCLUB!

BONUS: As an official host community, one winner will be picked from our Wellness Witness community to win a mini-shopping spree in the Revelation Wellness Apparel store, one month of RevWell-TV®, one month of RevWell Anderson’s At Home Program, the book Finally Free from Kara Osborne, and a ‘Grace Mode; tank from inneractive FITCLUB. Let’s get ready to rumble with our lies, let the truth out and set us free!

Here are some fun pictures from last year:
11051780_460627167431179_6997102838436856930_n bold6 bold8

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