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This month, we’d like to invite you into a journey.

This journey may not look like one that you have taken before, and it certainly may not be one that you’ll see many others around you taking. However, it has the potential to bring you peace, hope, and a whole new perspective on what it could look like to live healthy AND free.

During the month of July, we are pressing in and asking the Lord to show us what it could look like to be a BODY ON MISSION instead of a body under construction.

We’re praying that we can all finally begin to grasp that we aren’t placed here on this Earth so that we can try to manufacture a better version of our physical bodies, but so that our hearts are transformed to look more like Christ’s.
Will this bring physical change? Most likely. But is it our main focus and goal? No.

We will train and feed our bodies well because we want to have the energy we need to love others well. 

I have this friend named Claire who writes the most beautiful, Christ centered truths, and several years ago, she wrote this:

“The world says that in order to feel better about yourself, you must keep focusing on yourself. You try harder. Harder still. Harder. Do better. Suggest things to yourself. Repeat to yourself how beautiful you are, try to point out the good things, lift yourself up. Jesus suggests a different way. Read the Word to find out who you are. Repeat to Him the truth about He is, point out all of His never-ending goodness, lift others up. Point out their achievements and beauties and ways that they reflect their Maker.”

This is our focus in the At-Home Tribe.

Let’s stop looking at our thighs, at our scales, at our cellulite, or wrinkles in the mirror, and let’s look to Him. Let’s ask HIM to show us what it looks like to offer up ALL of ourselves to be used for His glory. Let’s pray and believe that we can be women who are ready to live on mission who refuse to be distracted by anything else. Body on Mission.


In the At-Home Tribe, we believe that we are here to be ON MISSION and that our bodies doesn’t really belong to ourselves but to Him. We believe that we are not supposed to be gazed at and admired like ornaments, but instead to serve as instruments for HIS glory.

And if I’m being really honest, I forget that sometimes a lot of the time.

So this month, we’re getting back to being a #bodyonmission and we will be sharing some of it on social media with you  in hopes that it will spur you on to being a #bodyonmission, also.

Normally I hesitate to share my food choices much because I truly believe that we should all be eating in the way that God teaches us to, not in the way that someone else says is THE way to eat. But this month, I’ll be sharing some snapshots of food choices and movement as we journey to reign in some habits that we need to bring back into submission so that we can live, serve, and move with the energy that we were created to.

Will you join me?
1- Make sure you’re following us on either Facebook or Instagram.
2- Post pictures of your healthy food or workouts and use the hashtag #bodyonmission
3- If you’re a Tribe member, be sure to participate in our private group page with your daily calendar tasks!

There’s a good chance I may be giving away some prizes to someone who uses this hashtag well!

We can do this, friends.

This isn’t about a bikini bootcamp, or a 5 day detox, or a summer shred- it’s about stewarding our health well for HIS name and for His glory in the way that He leads. It will look different for each of us, but it’s worth pursuing.

As always, we are IN IT WITH YOU, PRAYING for you, and CHEERING YOU ON!

(If you’re looking for some help with getting your healthy meals planned this month, check out the GOOD ENOUGH GUIDE we just released this week!




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  1. I just joined yesterday and I KNOW this is an answer to my prayers. God has been revealing some of these exact things to me over the past month. I was created on purpose for a purpose!

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