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Hey, friends!

Today is my husband’s 35th birthday.

To celebrate, he took the day off of work and we headed to a place called The Beanstalk Journey for a zipline tour.

I bought this off of Groupon a while back and it was a GREAT deal. It was a little less than half the regular price and my husband loved it.

I’ve always been told that women and men are opposites sometimes in what they consider fun. For example, when I get together with a group of my girlfriends, we like to go eat or grab coffee and just sit and talk. When my husband gets together with his friends, they like to go DO something: camping, hiking, shooting, etc. I thought this zipline tour would be something we could DO together that would be fun.

We traveled about 25 minutes to get there and then met our guides for the day as well as the other people that would be with our group. Our guides were Noah and Chris and they were amazing. They were funny and made you feel comfortable. The other group was a family: a mother, a father and their two sons who looked to be about 16 and 18 or so.

The mom was wearing a shirt that said LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, and she admitted that her family was at the zipline to celebrate that she had just completed her last Chemo treatment. How cool is that?

The tour took about 1 hr 15 minutes and we really enjoyed it. The course was set up with these little “treehouses” way up high and you would climb up, then zipline from one to another. The guides kept us either clipped to them or clipped to the ziplines at all times, so we felt safe and comfortable.

It wasn’t very difficult, so I think most everyone would enjoy making this trip, but there is a weight limit of 250 lbs. if you plan to participate in the ziplines.

This was at the entrance before we started.

Thirty Five years old today! Time is FLYING by!

This was from the last station and was me being lowered down to complete the course.
Stepping off the platform the first time was the hardest, but it was FUN!

Marcus did great and took every challenge the group leaders offered.

After we finished we went to Judges Riverside Barbecue and ate by the water. The food was good (FYI: I had the pulled pork sandwich with potato salad- totally NOT fat loss friendly, but I enjoyed every bite and have zero guilt about it.), and the view was AMAZING! We sat under the covered porch and watched the river while we ate. Such a nice place!

After leaving there we headed back to Hickory and stopped in to look at flooring. We are planning on taking out all of the carpet in the upstairs of our home and have been looking for laminate flooring that we like for FOREVER. I picked some today and we purchased it. The plan is for my Dad, Marcus. and my brother in law to install it the end of this month. Big home improvement projects like that make me C-R-A-Z-Y so I plan to take the kids and hang with my Mom for a few days. 

Here’s the flooring we picked:

It’s not the nicest they have, but it’s certainly good enough for us. I can’t wait to see how the bedrooms will look once that old BLUE carpet it out of there!

Our last stop was to look at bicycles for our daughter’s birthday present. We let her try some out and told her that maybe she will get money from some of her friends or family that she can save up and buy her bike with.

Tonight I went back and got it for her.

She will be so surprised on her birthday.  I can’t wait to see her face. When I had asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said “Do you think I could have a notepad? You know, one with a pretty picture on the front?”. So of course I went and got her a notebook ($1.88- I love how easy to please she is right now!), and then got a good deal on her little bike. She will be one happy girl come Sunday.

We also enjoyed some of Marcus’ favorite birthday cake: Strawberry Swirl cake. My husband is not a big sweets eater, but he LOVES when I make him this cake. He usually gets two a year- one for his birthday and one for father’s day.

I did NOT get in a formal workout today but DID enjoy the physical
challenge of climbing up and down the ladders and nets at the zipline

Tomorrow I plan to eat CLEAN and to move my body.

Hope y’all are all doing well and that you had a great day!

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