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The truth?

Most days, it’s easier for me to post on social media to strangers on the Internet than it is to interact with the other moms at my kids’ school.

It’s easier for me to write and teach others across the country about what the Lord has been teaching me than it is to tell those I interact with weekly in my community.

It’s easier for me to stand on stage and speak truth to hundreds than it is for me sometimes to do it one-on-one.

It’s easier for me to tell you that I’ve “embraced my weird” when I’m posting online than for me to actually live it while around others who seem so very normal.

Being bold doesn’t come easy and sometimes hiding looks a whole lot like living big and loud so that no one really sees the real you. —Anyone else?

Sometimes He may tell us to go ahead and share online. But other times? He may ask us to be willing to go share with the lady behind us in the Wal-Mart checkout line.
Sometimes He may send us to speak on a stage, but others, it may be to spend intentional time with neighbors across the street.

Although it may feel safer to stay hidden behind social media or even behind the platform of leading large groups, He still calls us to be willing to do it one by one. Not large crowds, followings, or platforms, just simple obedience.

Person-to-person, face-to-face daily living and discipleship right where we’ve been planted.

Terrifying, right?
Here’s what I know: In the hard, He also shows us the Holy. And I know that His plans are so much better.

I’m asking Him to remove the scales from our eyes that cloud our vision and that tell us that numbers determine our importance.

What if when He tells us to, we decide to love the one? To serve the one? To speak up for the one? Even if they think we are a little strange.
We can be strange together. A tribe of those willing to risk our pride and our dignity for the sake of making Him known.

I think it just might change our circles of influence. Our communities. Our schools. Our cities. Eventually…our world.
Each one, reach one. Let’s do this.

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