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Today I get to share with you the story of one of my friends, Jenna. I KNOW it is going to be a blessing and an encouragement to you!
Jenna wrote:
health story may not be as dramatic as many, but it is my story. 
up, I was always active. Basketball, softball, and cheerleading were my
loves. I played sports year round and loved every second of it! So,
being young with a high metabolism and playing sports meant I could eat
anything and not see the physical effects of it. 
After getting married
and having my first child, I still kept eating like I did in high school
and college.

The problem: I was getting older, not being active, and my
metabolism was shot by the way I was eating.

For the last 11 years, I
have poured into my family, at the cost of my health.

I would wake up
and get everyone fed and start the day. I would forget that I had not
eaten breakfast but only had a cup of coffee full of cream
and lots of sugar. By lunch, I was starving so I ate anything, which was
usually a lot of carbs and sugar. Dinner came next,  which meant a lot of
casseroles, because they were easy, and mostly processed foods. The
easier it was to make, the better!

I began thinking about my health 3
and half years ago when my dad passed away at 58. He had dealt with
health issues his whole life, mostly from the diet he had. At that
point, after mourning and having no strength left, I knew I couldn’t
begin the change of eating. I had to let myself heal.

This past April, a
very good friend told me about Trim Healthy Mama. She explained that
it wasn’t a diet but a lifestyle change. I read the book, which was much
more like a health class to me. I just didn’t know what was good for me
and what wasn’t. I didn’t know the effect sugar and bad carbs were
having on my body. I also didn’t know that I could eat a “clean” diet
within my budget, I just had to be wise. Trim Healthy Mama was created
by sisters who are Christians so the spiritual aspect of my health was
also brought to my attention. I never saw that how I took care of my
health was an act of worship. 

What I had to decide was what or Who was I
going to worship? Food, comfort, ease, or Jesus? 
So, this past May, I
jumped right in. It was hard at first because this was all new to me. I
have never dieted or thought about what I ate. I am a French fry and
coke loving girl! I never had alcohol but theses two things, they were my
alcohol. I craved them constantly!

The coke was easy to give up but the
fries are now down to just once a week (the really are my favorite)!

There is so much grace with how I am eating and more freedom than I
ever thought I could have with changing my diet.

I give myself treats
because I know that for me, I need to do that for myself every now and

I began working out with the Wellness Witness Workout group back in July and it was
just what I needed. I needed to see that my body could do more than I
had been allowing it to. I am so thankful for the mornings I get to
spend growing some new muscles(right Kara?). 馃檪

am now down 30 pounds and I have 2 more pounds to reach my goal weight.

I have done it.

I have seen what my body can do and I have seen the
strength that only comes from The Lord.

He is what gets me through on
those rough days and Who I have chosen to worship with my health. 

Here are two Before and After pictures:

 The next few pics I share for a
reason. I never had energy to jump on the trampoline with my kids. This
morning, Samuel said,” Mommy, I know why you go to your workouts early
in the morning.” I said,” you do, why”? He said,” because you love us
and now you can jump on the trampoline with us. I hope you always
can.”………this also helps me a better wife and mommy!!
 Thank you for sharing your story with us, Jenna! We are inspired by your progress and motivated by how you’ve pressed in and relied on HIM to help you do this. 
Y’all be sure to stop by the Wellness Witness Facebook page and leave her a note of encouragement!
If you have made progress in your faith and fitness journey and would like to be featured, please contact me with your story!
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