Hello and welcome to Wellness Witness! I’m Kara, and my goal is that this space will feel like a comfy place to rest for you- that you’ll visit and leave feeling encouraged and ready to face whatever the Lord sends your way.

Here’s How it Started:
In January of 2013 I began a journey towards learning how to take care of myself physically. Not only did I learn to do this, I also learned how to take care of myself better emotionally and spiritually. (FOR BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES AS WELL AS WHAT I LEARNED, GO HERE ) My desire is to help others learn how to be healthy and well and then to use this as our testimony to others.

For the first year or two, that’s what I focused on- helping others learn to live healthy and well. Since that time, the Lord has taken the ministry in a different direction. I still write and speak about stewarding our health well. I still film workouts, lead an online fitness ministry, and deliver healthy recipes to readers, but more than that, my focus is on your heart.

I’m determined to remind others that perfect can be the enemy of good enough and that some days, our ‘good enough’ is plenty. We offer up what we have, and then the Lord can use it to do what He wills. We don’t have to get it all right, all the time. My goal is to give God the best of what I’ve got- body, soul, heart, mind, and strength. But, I refuse to become stuck with needing it all to look a certain way before I can call it good enough. And I want to remind you of the same.

I love Jesus and because of that I want to be a good steward of all that God has given me- including my health.

I am married to my best friend and Mama to two. We’ve also got a WILD golden doodle puppy named Boone that is the delight of our home and a 4-year old rescue dog named Bailey.

I’m a Cancer Survivor and want to do everything I can to take care of this body so that I may never have to hear the words “You have Cancer” again.

Up until the fall of 2015, I worked during the day as a school counselor. God has now called me into leading this ministry full-time. You can read more about that HERE. It’s been a terrifying and AMAZING journey.

I love coffee. And Snickers bars. The struggle is real.

I play the bass guitar and sing in our worship band at church.

I am a certified Revelation Wellness Instructor. You can learn more about that journey HERE. I now get to train up other instructors for this amazing ministry. Dream. Come. True.

I wrote a book called FINALLY FREE in 2015. You can get your copy here.

I put together a guide to healthy eating and meal prep called THE GOOD ENOUGH GUIDE TO HEALTHY EATING in 2017. You can get your copy HERE.

I’m a certified coach and do one-on-one business and health coaching online and in person.

I have been called to teach and equip women and am loving getting to travel and speak to groups as the Lord leads. I spend most of my days leading in the AT-HOME TRIBE and recording podcast episodes for the IN IT WITH YOU podcast.

My goal is to live a transparent, mask-free life and to encourage you to do the same.

I want make my moments count. I’ve been told more than a few times that I’m “too much”. The Lord has since taught me that I’m not too much and I’m also enough- He’s called me to SHINE for Him, whether other people get it or not.

I believe that I’ve been specifically gifted and called to encourage you right where you are at. It is my honor to get to do so.

I want to help you on your journey towards better health- physically, emotionally, and spiritually and am so glad you are here!

Here’s what I can promise you- you may not find PERFECT workouts here. You may not find the best, most delicious recipes of all time. You may not find someone who constantly eats healthy or always gets in her workouts. But you will find someone who is real, someone who will mess things up from time to time, and someone who is willing to keep going.

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Feel free to look around the site and take in all that we’ve got here for you- Workouts, Recipes, blog posts with encouragement, video pep talks, and more!

I love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at wellnesswitness@yahoo.com .

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