Finally Free Online Resources

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Use the links below to collect the resources mentioned in FINALLY FREE. It is my prayer that these will serve you well in your journey to learn to be healthy His way!

Day 1: Encouragement to Keep You Going
Print out the PDF and post it somewhere in your home or car that you will see it often.

Day 5:
Option : List of possible exercises and reps: Getting Started With Weights
Option 2: 8 minute VIDEO workout

Day 6:
SUGAR in our Foods Video

Day 9:
Green (Hulk) Soup Recipe

Day 10:

Metabolic Effect Label Reading Tool Video Link

Day 16:
Egg Options
Make-Ahead Breakfast Idea

Day 18:
Interval Video

Day 21:
Workout from my First Class

Day 24:
Meal Prep Ideas Post #1
Meal Prep done in 1 Hour
Bonus: My Daily Food Choices

Day 25:
Zucchini Noodles
Spaghetti Squash Instructions
Sandwich options with no bread

Day 28:
Salad Tips and Info

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