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Hey, friends!

Recently on FB I saw a picture with each letter of the alphabet and an assigned exercise for each letter. The photo said that a group fitness instructor used it with his classes and had them spell out their full first, middle, and last names. They would run to the end of the gym, see what the assigned exercise was for each letter, and then complete all of the exercises until they had spelled their entire name.

I modified his exercise list a bit and then wrote down 40 words/phrases that were either a truth about God, a truth about ourselves, or a phrase that we use to stay motivated. I had words such as:
I used a total of 40 words and wrote them each on a folded sheet of paper that I placed at one end of the gym.

The ladies divided themselves into pairs or teams and then sent one runner down to the end of the gym to grab a word. They picked one then ran it back down to their group where they looked at their exercise alphabet to determine which exercises to do. Each team/group had their own copy.

The groups worked together to ‘spell’ out their word and then a different runner would take their word back and then bring back another.

We had SO Much fun!

Hope that you can use this on your own or even with your classes. Here is the document that I used to print their handouts, as well as a list with the 40 words/phrases that I used. spelling workout

After class I got a call from my husband that my oldest came down with the stomach bug while I was gone so I had to cancel my second class. Looking forward to trying this with them soon!

Love y’all. Happy Friday!

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  1. Omg. I just did a similar workout on Monday. The ABC’S. Of God. Every letter we did an exercise that started with that letter. 26 min straight. In each letter we declared who God is. ABUNDANT. BEAUTIFUL. CREATOR. DELIGHTFUL. EVERYTHING. GOOD…. ETC ETC. I don’t know how to blog yet. But I do have an arsenal of workouts I’d share
    Ps. Love you.

    • I LOVE that idea!!!! I can help you get started. For now, be thinking of the name that you want and then decide if you want to use a free hosting site ( or one that you self host and pay for (WordPress).

      I started with a free site and used it for a couple years before I upgraded to self hosted, but did use a custom domain name (www.wellnesswitness) which was like $10 fee.

      For now, take a snap shot of that workout list and upload it to the family page. Would love to see it! And I look forward to talking with you soon!! Love you

  2. I love this idea and would like to use soon in class! Do you think it would work in a regular sized aerobics room or should I try to get the gym at the Y? Also, about how long did it take? And did you workout with them or mostly walk around and encourage? Thank you!

    • Hey, Amy. I think a smaller room could work fine. And no, I don’t do the circuit workouts with them- I just walk around and coach. Have fun!

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