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Each month, I’ll add the Workout calendars to this page. I hope this will help you know which workouts to select as you program your week. Have fun! If you enjoy these workouts, I’d love to hear from you! Tag me @wellnesswitness on Instagram and show me how you’re moving today!
*You may notice some things listed on these calendars that are not available to Tribe Lite members. If you ever want to switch your membership over to All-Access, please email me at: THANKS!

September 2023: 5 days/week

August 2023: 

June 2023: 1 calendar (3 strength workouts per week)

May: Regular Calendar (3 workouts per week)
SPLIT TRAINING Calendar (5 workouts per week)

Click HERE for your APRIL Calendar or click HERE for a split training calendar that recommends videos for 5 days each week.


(All-Access members, be sure you check the NEW MONTHLY CONTENT tab of the member website to gain access to all of our monthly materials including the workout calendars, beginner plan, five day a week plan, weekly tracker, scripture writing, Bible study and more!)

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