Why I don’t care about “Buns of Steel” or “6 pack abs” and you shouldn’t either…

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Earler this week I did a quick pinterest search on “fitness”.

Here were some of my top results:

“Build a better booty”

“Shape that Tush”

“Sexy Abs Fast”

“Get a Bikini Body to Turn Heads”

“Sweat  ‘til you don’t jiggle”

“Betty’s Bootylicious Butt Workout”


And the list went on.

These posts were accompanied by pictures
of women half dressed, wearing a tiny bikini, or featured a zoomed in on, half
covered body part. 

These posts and websites boasts claims like “Give us 60
days, we’ll give you the body of your dreams!” and “Follow our plan to be your
sexiest self yet”.

 These sites make
promises about what they can do for your physique, for your “bikini body”, and
for your level of attractiveness to others.

Friends, I need you to know…that is not what I am doing
through Wellness Witness, nor is it what I plan to do at any point in the future.


I don’t care one bit about your “buns of steel” or
your “six pack abs”, and I don’t care if your jeans are a size 2 or a size 22.
What I’m after? Helping point you to the One who made you, who knows you, and
who loves you. 

If you are looking for a site that will feature
someone dressed in a bikini or skimpy outfit jumping around telling you “come
on, work harder if you want to look good in those jeans!”, you’ll need to keep

My prayer for Wellness Witness is far deeper than just helping you improve your
physical condition. My prayer is that lives are changed for the glory of God
and that you begin taking care of the tool you were specifically given for your
mission- your Body.

You see, for me, this journey started as a physical one, but God used it for so
much more. When I started I THOUGHT I wanted a smaller body, better abs and
toned legs, but turns out, what I really wanted was freedom from the cycle I
had been trapped in for years.

What I needed was to finally see myself through
God’s eyes and to recognize the gift that He had given me.

What I eventually
learned is that we are given health so that we can in turn use it to serve

It’s not about drastically cutting calories or obsessively exercising. It’s
about saying to God, “You created me. You gave me a specific purpose and THIS
specific body to help me accomplish it. It’s YOURS. I am simply entrusted with
it. I want to treat it in a way that honors You, all the time. Not just when I’m
“Dieting” or “on plan”. “

And me posting a picture of me wearing next to nothing is NOT going to
accomplish that. Nor will me encouraging you to obsessively watch every bite of
food you put into your mouth so you can have abs of steel. I WILL encourage you
with healthy tips, healthy recipes and spiritual motivation but it’s for a
bigger purpose than ‘abs of steel’, it’s so you can have a body fit for whatever
calling you’ve been given.

 For today, know this: I will seek to
prayerfully post what God has nudged me towards. And (with His help) I won’t post things that
don’t bring glory to Him. I hope that you’ll stick around and join me on this
journey, but if what I’ve described isn’t for you, I’ll understand that you won’t
be following along.

To those that have jumped in and allowed me to speak encouragement along the
way, THANK YOU! You’re a blessing in my life and I can’t wait to see what God
will do through this little ministry. As always, I’m praying for you and
cheering you on!

I’ll leave you with a quote from Jimmy Pena of www.prayfit.com . He along with others like Alisa Keeton from www.revelationwellness.com and Clark from www.peak313.com and Michelle Myers from www.myerscrosstraining.com and www.crosstrainingcouture.com are trying to rescue and redeem the fitness industry for Christ. And so am I. An army is rising up, friends. Will you join us?

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