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If you read my earlier post, you
know that I did NOT complete the Whole30. However, for those who are
considering doing your own Whole30 or who are looking for some new ideas, I
wanted to share with you my experience and also some food ideas.

Keep in mind, everyone’s journey will look different. Also, I don’t mind eating
the same foods often, so you’ll notice there isn’t a whole lot of variety.
B= Breakfast
L= Lunch
S= Supper

Day 1:
B- Scrambled eggs with peppers and
onions. Guacamole (yuck!), fresh pineapple and a few pecan halves. 

L= Salad plus apple and walnuts. Grilled chicken, half a larabar and almonds.
S= Green beans topped with my meat sauce recipe. Almond butter on a spoon. 

Day 2– Beginning to feel tired and had incredible difficulty sleeping.
B= Eggs, Bacon (compliant bacon from WholeFoods), Greenbeans, and pineapple

 Snack= Turkey (compliant brand from WholeFoods), pineapple and kiwi


L= Salad with Roasted Turkey breast

S= Grilled steak, roasted sweet potato, asparagus and sautéed onions

Snack 2= dried apples with almond butter

Day 3- More energy today, but feeling frustrated. Really it’s only day 3 ?!?
Experienced a bit of nausea off and on towards the end of the day and felt
angry that we were doing this thing. HEADACHE.
B= eggs, sweet potato, sausage links (compliant from WholeFoods), pineapple

L= Salad with deli turkey

S= Steak, Asparagus, Green beans, baked potato and turnips

Snacks today were half a Larabar Cashew Cookie flavor, dried apples, and raw

Day 4– Felt great today until about 7 p.m. and then I was TIRED. Headache all
day long today and upset tummy most of the day. Frequent trips to the bathroom.

B= half a banana, half an apple, 3 slices compliant bacon, 1 TB Almond Butter
L= Hamburger Soup Recipe from Pioneer Woman, 1 cutie orange, cashews

S= Grilled Salmon, turnips, green beans, baked potato, sautéed spinach and
almond butter.


Day 5– having some pretty serious “brain fog” today. Finally slept GREAT and am
not as tired. I also have the skin of a 15 year old right now in regards to
pimples. Good times.
B= 2 egg muffins and half a Larabar before my morning workout.
Snack- Cashews and applesauce
L= Salad, grilled chicken, assorted nuts, cutie orange
Snack 2- Apple with almond butter
S= Pot Roast, potatoes, carrots and raw veggies with homemade ranch


Side note here: the recipe below for Ranch dressing is so SO good. Seriously good. I attribute much of the fact that I didn’t really lose much weight during this journey to this one food product. SO stinking good. Use with caution!
 Day 6- Energy levels are GOOD today, but temper is not. Short fuse with
everyone. Praying my way through this day.
B- Steak, Asparagus and half a banana
snack- applesauce and assorted nuts
L= Veggie Soup, Turkey breast, and an orange
snack 2- raw veggies and homemade ranch
S= Lettuce wraps with Hamburger, cashews

Day 7– They recommend that you don’t snack while on the Whole30 but I am hungry
all the live long day. I’ve tried increasing my fat and protein and am still
hungry. It may be due to teaching fitness classes in the morning, but hunger is
definitely more than normal. Today I went to bed at 8 p.m.
B= Hamburger left over from the lettuce wraps with green beans and fresh
snack 1- apple with almond butter
L= Hamburger Soup 
snack 2- hard boiled egg, veggies and ranch
S= steak, sautéed spinach, small baked potato and grilled veggies

Day 8– Stomach issues returned today but can’t pinpoint what is triggering
this. I had a full, heavy feeling most of the day today, so that was a nice
change from the previous days hunger pains.
B= half a banana, 2 friend eggs, 2 slices bacon, fresh pineapple
snack- half a Larabar
L= Vegetable soup, grilled chicken, a kiwifruit, almond butter
snack 2- cashews, raw veggies
S= Ground Beef with peppers and onions, ranch dressing and green beans all
mixed together.

Day 9-
B= 2 fried eggs, bacon, pineapple
snack 1- applesauce and mixed nuts
L= vegetable soup, chicken breast, kiwifruit
snack 2- larabar (cashew cookie flavor)
S= Almond crusted chicken nuggets, skillet cabbage, and raw veggies with Ranch

Day 10– stomach feels so much better, not as hungry, but afternoon headaches
return. Major cravings today for Skittles J
B= 3 fried eggs, 2 slices compliant bacon, skillet potatoes.
L= Hamburger soup with an orange
snack- veggies with ranch
S= steak kabobs, baked potato, grilled veggies, asparagus, a deviled egg and
fresh strawberries

Day 11– Brain fog has lifted! Feeling like maybe I actually CAN do this!
B= 3 fried eggs, 2 slices bacon, skillet cabbage plus strawberries
snack- dried apples and almond butter
L= Beef roast and veggies, potato and cabbage
S= Chocolate Chili

Day 12– Victory today- I stayed up past 9 p.m.! In fact, I made it all the way
to 10:15!
B= 2 eggs, steak kabob leftovers, and veggies
L= large salad with nuts, chicken breast, orange, nuts and apple
S= a few bits of leftover steak kabobs, a hamburger pattie, baked potato, green
beans and skillet cabbage
snack- nuts and apple

Day 13- Upset tummy back again.
B= Eggs, Bacon, half a banana and pineapple
L= Large salad with buts, chicken breast and a cutie orange
snack- apple and almond butter
S= Pork Chops, asparagus, spinach

Day 14– Hardest day yet. Ready to quit this thing. Feel like every moment I’m
thinking about what I cannot eat.  Tired of meal prepping.
B= Eggs, half a hamburger pattie, orange
snack- apple with nuts
L= Salad, grilled chicken, pineapple
snack 2- carrots and ranch
S= steak, potato, spinach, skillet cabbage
BANANA MUFFIN!!!! (FYI: Although this recipe uses only approved ingredients,
the Whole30 folks say that baked goods of any sort are NOT allowed while on the

(From the blog Today’s Letters)

Day 15– Experiencing a lot of tooth pain which I thought might be related to
the amount of steak I’ve been eating, but my friend who is doing this with me
is experiencing the exact same thing. Weird, huh? Also craving oatmeal with
Peanut Butter which is strange because I never eat oatmeal. Ever.
B= eggs, bacon, applesauce
snack- Larabar
L= Hamburger patty, Green Soup, Orange
snack 2- Banana Muffin
S= Chocolate Chili, apple, almond butter

Day 16– Energy is level, cravings are low. Hunger is low.
B= Eggs, bacon, kiwifruit
L= Hamburger, Green Soup, Orange
snack- banana muffin
S= steak, baked potato, green beans, salad

Day 17-
B= banana muffin, eggs
L= Chocolate Chili
Snack- orange and nuts
S= Hamburger, potato, green beans

I stopped journaling at this point as I started realizing where this was
I eventually ended this after 21 days. Read here for my explanation.

Overall, I would say that I felt better while eating this way ONCE I had
detoxed from it being in my system. As soon as I added back some of the food
groups I experienced headaches, energy crashes, joint pain, and upset stomach.

Here are some pictures of my favorite foods and recipes:

Some Great sites you can visit to gather more info are:

Good luck to you!!!

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  1. I have to say that after reading your post and the other sites regarding what is and is not allowed I am positive that I could not do it either. That is just not realistic in my own opinion and no wonder you had so many issues! I truly believe that God wants us to enjoy our food and our life. Eating a plan like that would just make me miserable which I do not believe God wants for me. Kudos for trying it and posting about it! I am so glad you did because I have heard about this plan before but did not the strict details. I mean how in the world are you not supposed to have snacks? That will just slow your metabolism down.

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