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Confession:     I haven’t done well this week with planning ahead for our family meal at supper. I could give you a dozen really good
reasonsexcuses, but none of them really matter.


Last night I called my husband at 5:00 and made him pick up a healthy take out option.


Today I was working on some business and realized that it was 5:15 and I had absolutely no plan for supper, no meat thawed out, no convenience foods in our fridge or freezer, and no grocery money  or eating out money left in our envelopes (We are BIG on the Dave Ramsey Plan around here).


So I did what I frequently do when we don’t have enough time or enough money to have a really good meal prepared…I turned to a staple in our home… EGGS!


Eggs can be fixed many different ways. We eat them frequently and enjoy the protein that they offer as well as the nutritional benefits we get from eating the whole egg (Good article about that HERE).


Tonight I pulled out any veggies that I could find in our fridge already prepared, plus got out a bag of frozen spinach and a bag of frozen shortcut veggies.


(Are you familiar with this product? Super cheap and makes it really easy to add some extra flavor to dishes).

Within 15 minutes I had omelets made and we were all happy.


I’ve made dishes with eggs frequently over the last month. Usually I prepare about 4 eggs plus some liquid egg whites, then stuff them full of all the veggies and protein sources that I can round up and it feeds both my husband and myself.


Here are some of the variations we have made the past month:


Egg, veggie and pepperoni scramble served with two protein pancakes topped with natural PB.[/caption]

Omelet with turkey bacon plus spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, peppers, onions, celery and spices.


Eggs and egg whites scrambled with onions, spinach and feta cheese served with grilled pork tenderloin.


Veggie omelet with turkey bacon and oranges.

Leftover Ground Beef from the Hamburger lettuce wraps (Recipe HERE ) scrambled with an egg and spinach.


Eggs are affordable, easy to find anywhere, and full of good nutrition that will inch you closer to your fitness goals. Stuck in a dinner rut? Scramble up some, toss in whatever veggies you can find and whatever protein is available. Easy and delicious!


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  1. Looking forward to trying these ideas, I LOVE reading all that you write, do you have any info on the Juice Plus? I find it impossible to get veggies in my children.

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