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Here’s another workout for you to try. The only equipment you need is a
set of moderate hand weights/dumb bells (heavier=better).

*Remember, the style of workout is called REST BASED TRAINING. That
means you will push until you can’t keep going, and then you rest until
you’re ready to start back. You should be breathless, have burning
muscles, and be hot.
*Attempt these exercises at your own risk. Wellness Witness is not
liable for any injuries sustained while attempting these workouts.

(If you aren’t sure how to do any of these moves you can find videos on YouTube)

Set 1: (Each move will last for 30 seconds)
Plie squat
Spiderman Overhead Presses (alternate arms)
Jumping Lunges (without weights)
Cruch and Punches (Sit up and punch with weights on way up and the way down)
*Do the entire set 3 times, then rest 30 seconds.

Set 2: (Each move will last for 30 seconds)
Lawnmowers (Each side for 30 seconds)
Squats with curls
*Do the entire set 3 times, then rest for 30 seconds.

Set 3: (Each move will last for 30 seconds)
Mountain Climbers
Flutter Kicks
Squat hold with pulses
Slow push-ups
*Do the entire set 3 times, then you’re done!!

Cool Down and stretch!

Our largest group this past week was 21 ladies. So exciting to watch these groups grow!
If you’re local, come out and join us!

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