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Last week, I wrote about the Back to Basics Healthy Habit Challenge. 

I asked you to join me in going about getting healthy a different way- a
sustainable way! I asked you to join me in learning a new healthy habit
every 21 days. As we master one, we will move on and add another. By
the end of 2015, we will have mastered 17 of them!

The first one was WATER. You can read the first week’s post here, and last week’s post here.

Today starts week three. You’re two weeks into this new year, and this new habit and I couldn’t be more proud of you! Several of you have posted over on the facebook page and say that this is getting easier. It will continue to get easier and easier if you stick with it (And your bathroom trips will become less frequent, too!)

Here are this week’s tasks:

Day 15 (Jan15) : Congratulations! You’re two weeks into mastering
this healthy habit! Remember, the goal is sustainable, life long change, so we
are taking it slow and steady. Focus on this one habit and then we will add in
another one next week.
Today’s task: Add in another 8 ounces which should bring you to a total of 64
ounces. A good suggestion on how to get this all down is to keep an eye on the
clock. At the top of the hour each hour, drink a cup of water. 9:00- stop and
drink 8 ounces. 10:00- do it again. 11:00- more water. Etc.

Day 16 (Jan 16): Last week we talked about Diet Drinks and Regular Soft drinks, now
let’s talk about other beverages that are sugar sweetened such as sweet tea.
In one large cup of McDonalds Sweet tea, there are 54 g of sugar. Remember from
last week that 4g are equal to 1 teaspoon, so in that large tea you’re
consuming 13.5 teaspoons of sugar!

In one Large Iced Mocha, there are 61g of sugar or OVER 15 teaspoons! Would you sit and consume 15 packets of sugar in one sitting? Of course not! So why are we drinking it?

If you typically drink sweet tea or sugar sweetened coffees, try reducing the
amount of sugar this week. Make it with 2/3 the amount of sugar or even half
the amount. Restaurants will give you half sweet tea/half unsweetened tea if
you ask. It may not be as good to you at first, but eventually you will get
used to it.
Now, drink your 64 ounces of water. 

Day 17 (Jan 17): Experiment with some flavor add-ins to your water.
By this I do NOT mean the artificially sweetened flavor drops as these have the
same negative side effects as we talked about on Day 12 with diet soft drinks.
Today try adding some lemon, lime, oranges or mint to your water. Some people
freeze ice cubes that have these items in them and add them to their water
bottles each day.
Drink your 64 ounces of water.
Day 18 (Jan 18):
Historically, we were all told that people need Eight 8-oz glasses of water a
day. We have since learned, that this ratio isn’t exactly right for all people.
Nutrition experts now recommend that you drink HALF your body weight in OUNCES
each day. So, if you weigh 180 pounds, ideally, your body needs 90 ounces of
water each day. If you weigh 200 points, you need 100 ounces. If you weigh 150,
you need 75.

Now don’t panic! If this seems like too much for you, don’t become overwhelmed
and quit. Keep drinking what you can and giving yourself some grace.
Get your 64 ounces down and then add in any extra that you can.

Day 19 (Jan 19):
When eating out, order water as your beverage if you don’t normally. At most
restaurants, drinks cost anywhere from $1.99 and higher. If you typically eat
out twice a week, you’re saving $4.00 per week or over $200 a YEAR!!!  Plus you’ll feel better.
Pocket the savings and put it towards a vacation fund or something fun!
Drink your 64 ounces plus!

Day 20 (Jan 20):
We are nearing the end of the first healthy habit challenge. Remember, the goal
is sustainable, life long change. Even if you aren’t there yet, trust me that
this whole water habit gets easier and will make you feel SO much better! Think
back to what we learned before starting Day 1- Those who drank at least five 8
oz glasses of water a day DECREASE their risk of heart disease by up to 60%.

This habit is one that will be critical to our health in all areas. DRINK UP.

Day 21 (Jan 21): You made it! We’re here at the end of our three weeks with Habit #1.
Drink your 64 ounces plus and then head over to the Wellness Witness Facebook
page and let us know how you did. Ready for Habit 2? We start tomorrow! Check
back for details!

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