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“You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you.”- Henri Frederic Amiel
I read those words and stopped.
I read them again.
Responsible…I am responsible for any talent entrusted to me.
Or to put it in different terms- I am accountable for the gifts I have been given.

I am
accountable for stewarding them well. 

Accountable…to who? 

The One who crafted these same gifts into our lives and very being. 
is a  famous quote by Erma Bombeck that says: “When I stand before God
at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit
of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’ “.
I reflect on my own life, I can’t say that this is always true for me.
 In the areas where I have been gifted, I don’t always choose to freely
share with others. Sometimes I do, but other many times, I don’t.
use excuses such as “I’m busy…they are fine without my help…I don’t
want to seem like a ‘know-it-all’…it doesn’t really matter anyway…they
don’t need me…someone else will do it”. 
Maybe you’ve used similar excuses. 
But, I’m responsible- No, I’m accountable for how I handle what God’s given me. 
ALL of it. 
Not just on the days that I feel like
helping, or the days that it’s a quick, simple fix, or on days when I
have nothing else going on. 
Not just some days- EVERY day, because we never know when THIS
day will be our LAST day. 
I using every bit of what He has gifted me with for His glory? 
Am I
serving others in love?
 Am I equipping others to serve as I share with
them what I’ve learned? 
I’m renewed today to look for ways to use up my gifts- to pour out my talents. 
Friend, YOU are gifted and equipped to serve others. 
You have been given
something unique that no one else has. 
Will you be willing to share it? Are you willing to share it?
Will you offer it up as a sacrifice so that others can be blessed? 
you’re gifted with
the words of encouragement, or the ability to organize and plan events.
Maybe you can teach or mentor or prepare meals. Perhaps you have been
gifted in music or drama or in doing the necessary functions of any
organization such as cleaning, opening doors and
being a smiling face to those that need it. 
you feel that little nudge telling you to stop in your tracks and to go
speak to someone, that is the Holy Spirit prompting you.
 I know..I KNOW-  it
feels weird. But there is blessing in that moment when you choose to
submit and follow His leading. 
you feel led to encourage someone you know who is walking through a
tough time, do it. Your words may be exactly what they need to hear to
keep going. 
Maybe you’ve been praying for a “sign” or for guidance on whether or not you are supposed to move forward with a dream God has planted in your heart. Perhaps this could be the sign that you have been waiting on? 
Bottom line- what we choose to DO matters. And of equal importance- what we choose NOT to do matters. Let’s be bold and use up every bit of what we have to serve and love those around us. 
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  1. YES!!! My preacher said once that he wants to stand before the thrown without an ounce of potential left. I agree… unfortunately it has taken almost 32 years to come to that place. However, once you get it, theres no turning back. You just gotta do it. Love this post.

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