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Hey, friends!

Wanted to update you on our latest project here at Wellness Witness………

Yesterday I began writing our first e-Book!!!!

Crazy, right?!?! It’s going to be a 30 day devotional about finally finding FREEDOM in your heart AND your health journey, and will include scripture, prayer, recipes, healthy tips, and workout ideas.

My dream would be to have it finished up and ready to go in January, but I’m holding that loosely as I don’t want to rush it OR be stressed to the max about getting it done over Christmas if it’s not possible. But, it’s coming! I’m having to fight against all of the lies that tell me that I don’t have anything to say, and to press forward into what I’ve been called to speak.
Sitting down today and beginning a new adventure.  I'm writing. Writing an E-book.  Even typing that sentence  on here is terrifying as I'm fighting with everything in me against the lie that I don't have anything to say worth writing down.  I guess that's partly true. In and of myself, there probably isn't much that I have to write worth reading. BUT GOD.  But God has poured His own Spirit into me. And that IN me gives me authority and wisdom to speak out what He has taught me.  The journey He has had me on for the past 3 years is worth speaking about because HE is worth speaking about. He is worth writing about. All that He has taught me- Nothing is wasted.  So today, with fingers trembling and my heart beating fast, I'm sitting and beginning. Stepping forward into where He has called.  If you happen to see this anytime soon, will you pray? Pray that through this little project that others will come to know Him more. That others will find more freedom in Him and in who He has designed them to be. And pray that I get out of the way.  Thank you, friends. #freedomfighter #steppingoutoftheboat
I went yesterday and spent about 6 hours trying to begin hashing out the format, and several of the first few days worth of devotions. If you think about it, pray me through this journey and that God would use it to help people get FREE!

I also wanted to share our latest batch of tshirts, tanks, and hoodies with you. I had originally designed these just to be purchased and worn by my local classes and our At-Home TRIBE members, but realized today that many of you are very much a part of this brave, fearless, beautiful Tribe! With that in mind, I’m opening the sale up to each of you in case you wanted a shirt to ‘rep’ your TRIBE! 馃檪

Here’s a picture of the options聽 available:

IMG_2010 IMG_2024There are two different styles. One says: Wellness Witness TRIBE and You Belong and the other says YOU BELONG in big font with Wellness Witness and #ilovemytribe underneath.

The sale is only open until SUNDAY, so if you’re interested, don’t delay.
To order the one that says TRIBE, go here.

To order the one that says YOU BELONG, go here.

I set the prices at the minimum that the company would allow and still print them, so I hope that helps you.

I am so grateful for you, friend.
Thanks for joining me here!

I’m also finishing up our December At-Home program videos this week and they are going to be SO fun!!! Can’t wait to share those with many of you who are participating in our At-Home tribe.

Love y’all!!! Have a great weekend!


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