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Hello, all!

I am sorry I’ve been gone for so long!

Life has been busy! Full, but busy. I am hoping to get back to a more normal posting schedule and for now and committing to at least 1 time per week- preferably by Wednesday of each week. Someone hold me to that?

The last few months I’ve been working on creating new content and materials for the At-Home Tribe. I am so very grateful for the group that the Lord is building there and for all that we are able to offer women for such a reasonable price.
I’ve hired some help- an awesome Administrative superstar, MeLissa, a Tribe Guide named Jess to lead us through our online Bible studies, and another RevWell Instructor named Jessi to help film Low-Impact workout videos (with others coming soon!). I’m also still contracting with Caroline Williams Yoga each month for a Christ-centered Yoga video for the Tribe to use also.

I’ve also been traveling some- a family trip to the beach…

as well as another trip to Arizona to train up new Instructors for Revelation Wellness. Speaking of RevWell, I was brought on as part of their Core team to get to actually teach part of the new Instructors during their 9-week training course and it was SO fun! I loved it.

I’ve been taking on some new Business coaching clients and have room for a few more. I’m beginning to put together a meal planning/prepping resource I’m releasing this Summer that I think you’re going to L-O-V-E (To be sure you’re on our list to receive more information about this resource, sign up HERE), and I’m also starting to work on coordinating a massive Saturday FUN event to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Wellness Witness classes and to raise some money for a local non-profit.

My family is good- my son was saved and baptized this past month and turned 7 last week.

My daughter is practicing daily for an upcoming school play that she is in as well as the school talent show. She is LOVING it! We finished Wrestling and Soccer seasons, which has been a much needed break for us. They still have a month left of school and of their commitment to TrailLife and American Heritage Girls, but we’re almost to SUMMER!

I haven’t been nearly as active on Social Media lately or here on this website for several reasons, but the main one: The Lord hasn’t given me anything to say. And if He isn’t speaking, I’m not going to try to go ahead of Him and to make it up on my own.

He’s been working in my heart about the same things I always struggle with: comparison, competition, and striving.
I’m pressing in and seeking Him in new ways, and it’s been a sweet season.

My local classes are still going well. Class sizes have been lower, but for those that are still coming, we are enjoying our time together and digging deeper into what our community can be.

We’ve just launched a new t-shirt design that I really love called UNASHAMED. You can find out more HERE.


Last Summer I posted and asked for your help in a journey that my cousin and his wife had decided to walk. You answered in a BIG way and we were able to bless them financially. Not only that, but yesterday, their TWIN BABIES WERE BORN!! I don’t have a picture that I can share with you yet, but it will be coming on social media soon, I hope!

In case you’re looking for a fun way to move in love today, check out this NEW WORKOUT I posted today. It’s Kickboxing and leg burnout and has some of my most favorite songs in it. Push play and have FUN!!!

Thanks for understanding my absence these past few month. Know that I’m still here- posting on social media and on the blog when I can. Most of my energy goes towards the At-Home Tribe, my live classes, or my coaching clients, but I’m still here and will be sharing with you whatever the Lord teaches me.
As always, I am IN IT WITH YOU. I’m praying for you and cheering you ON!



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