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Hey, friends!

Today is my 35th birthday.

Seems crazy to me. CRAZY.
And yet with each new day, with each breath, I’m so grateful.

At 14 I was diagnosed with cancer, and 15 I was still having radiation and wondering what all would lie ahead of me in the journey.
At 20 I wondered if I would ever figure out what in the heck I was supposed to major in at College. At 25 I thought I had everything figured out and was ready to ROCK marriage and parenting.

At 30 I realized I really had no stinking clue but that I was finally beginning to grasp that the Lord hadn’t made as many mistakes when He created me as I’d always assumed.
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And now at 35, I’m just grateful.
This past year has been one of first steps and new beginnings.

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Launching this business and ministry has been humbling and amazing, difficult, and rewarding.
We suffered loss this past year

and we’ve celebrated victories.

The word the Lord has been speaking over me this season is FREE. Not because I've reached a certain level of success in my ministry or business. Not because I've hit a certain number on the scale (in fact, I'm heavier now than I've been in two years). Not because I've hit certain goals or milestones. Actually, it's quite the opposite. The Lord has set me FREE from needing to perform. Needing to feel like I have to manufacture results for people, or constantly be posting and sharing amazing content. Free to just rest in Him and to speak when He speaks. To sit quietly when He doesn't. And to leave the rest up to Him. I'm free to rest. Free to live. Free to move and to not move. Im a striver by nature and so it's been a long, sometimes painful process as He is teaching me. I'm grateful. #boldinthesoul
I survived sending my baby off to kindergarten
and watching our older daughter navigate the world of 2nd grade girl drama (who even know that it started this young?!?) and being left out.
I’ve been mentored and loved by some amazing women of God who have taught me MUCH and I’ve had the privilege of leading other women forward in the truth of who God has made them to be.

And even in the hard things? It’s all a gift.
ALL of it.
I can confidently say that I trust the Lord in new ways… That He is good even when things don’t seem to be.
And so as another year begins, I know that I don’t walk one step alone.

I want to make my time count.
Each birthday I get to celebrate is a gift and I don’t want to miss that. Ever.

So grateful.

I wanted to give you something today, too, so I filmed for you all a full length tabata workout based on 2 Corinthians 10:5. All you need is a set of hand weights (or whatever you can find to use instead) and a willing heart. 

Do a few minutes of a quick warm-up and then push play. It will be hard AND it will be worth it. 

If you’re not able to see the video above, click HERE to access it.

And if you love it, considering joining us in the At-Home TRIBE. It’s a community of women ready to walk forward with the Lord in freedom in their hearts, their health, and their homes. 

Thank you for journeying with me, friends. I’m so thankful for you.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your heart and your journey. It is a great testimony to the work God does when we surrender to him. I am just starting out on my journey and am in week 4 of WL2FM and have been feeling called to the instructor training. Finances are my hurdle right now but I have been trying to pray it through and know that if it is in God’s plan it will happen. Honestly, it feels crazy for me to even think about right now because I am no where near optimal health and have a very busy life as it is. The thought of adding something this far outside of my comfort zone sounds slightly insane. Wellness has never been high on my radar but I just can’t ignore this urge to help others to experience the freedom God has granted me through RevWell.

    Reading your story and hearing about your journey has been inspiring. Thank you for being a willing vessel for Jesus in the lives of those you encounter.

    May God Bless you in His Abundance.

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