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Welcome back, friends! I hope by now you’re beginning to catch a bit of the vision behind this ministry and our heart in creating it. We are for your good and want to see you walk forward in good health SO THAT you can serve whatever purposes He has for you.

This isn’t a place where we focus on shrinking our bodies- this is a place where we cheer one another on to obeying what the Lord has told each one of us to do. Whether that is through a workout and Scripture teaching, a Bible study, a Facebook post, a podcast, a printable tool or anything else- our hope is that it strengthens your faith, deepens your walk, and spurs you to run further and harder towards the things He has called you to.

The At-Home Tribe is a community of women who know that healthy living doesn’t have to be so hard and the goal isn’t pounds lost: it’s freedom.

I’ve loved getting to share a few of our resources with you this week!

For today:
On Saturdays, I challenge our ladies to get in some sprints. Now, if you hate to run, these are still totally doable! You can do them with any form of movement that you prefer- just build in some intervals of all out effort, and then some intervals where you recover. Warm-up really well first, spend around 10-15 minutes doing Sprints or intervals, and then stretch and cool down. Super quick and super effective! Here’s a short video explaining:

Your other task today is to spend some time today preparing whatever you can so that tomorrow you can REST.

-Use the template we shared with you this week and create your meal plan. Then from that plan, make a grocery list, place an online order (if available), and schedule pickup.
-Get out your calendar or planner and schedule in what days next week you are going to do some type of physical activity.
-Set some goals for next week. Ask Him- What is He calling you towards? What are to be your top three areas of focus for the next 7 days? Pray and ask Him to help you be obedient to doing those things well!

On Sundays, we unplug and we rest. No new tasks are given, little to no interaction happens on our private Facebook community group, and we spend time face to face with those we love. We challenge our ladies to rest their way into the week ahead, knowing that it will benefit them in every area moving forward.

We pray that you have enjoyed the resources that we’ve shared with you this week and we pray that they’ve been an encouragement to you.

If you’re interested in continuing on with us, feel free to check out beginning tomorrow and for the next week only. We are opening the doors to ALL ACCESS members at a rate of $15/month but you’ve only got 7 days to sign-up in you’re interested. After that, your next chance won’t be until late August. Because we want to onboard, educate, and assist our new members well, we only open four times a year for All-Access members. We believe this helps new members have the support they need to learn to navigate the resources we’ve created for them, and it helps to keep our community close on our Facebook group.

We would love to have you join us as an All-Access member. I’d love to tell you more about the program and answer any questions that you may have, so be sure to check out beginning TOMORROW so that I can tell you all about it!

Whether you choose to join us as an ALL ACCESS Tribe Sister, a Tribe Lite (workouts only!) member, or just follow along through the blog or social media channels, we are grateful for you. We truly believe that we ARE better together, and we are privileged to get to walk this road with you.

As always, we’re here, praying for you and CHEERING YOU ON!

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