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In this post we talked about BATCHING your content and your tasks to save time. Today, I’m sharing FIVE top time wasters for those who want to build their online businesses. 

Yes, email is important as you begin building your online presence. One of the first things I have my On Mission Online students do is to set up a lead magnet to begin building their email lists. BUT, when It comes to email notifications, TURN THEM OFF. Have a scheduled time that you know you’ll be checking email and the rest of the time, don’t think about it. Consider creating an auto-responder so your customers/clients will know what to expect from you or to answer some Frequently Asked Questions. Also, prepare template email responses that you can use if you’re often sent emails with the same questions.

I know that many would tell you to do make research but I’m telling you to stop it. You don’t need to spend time looking at what your competitors are called to, you need to spend time showing up doing what YOU’VE been called to. Also, while we’re at it, let’s reframe that concept of COMPETITOR. Those who are working in a similar field as you are not your competitors. The Lord will send people to you that will resonate with what you’re doing. There is no lack and we can CHEER ON OTHERS who are doing good work.
The more time you spend looking at what others around you are doing, the less time you’ll spend on creating your own work and the more you’ll start second guessing it.

I believe that social media is a tool that you can use in building and growing your online business. But, this has got to be done with intention. Use it within set parameters and boundaries. Use it for relationship building and content sharing. Share with your audience who you are, who you’re there to help, and how you’re going to help them. Speak life and spend time engaging with those that come your way BUT DO NOT LET IT MASTER YOU. Just like I said with email, set specific times during the day that you’re doing to check in and engage. Turn OFF notifications on your phone and have periods of uninterrupted work and also uninterrupted time with family living real life.
Social media is a tool and a weapon that CAN be wielded for good, but if not used with caution, it can also be detrimental and destructive. Prayerfully draw your boundaries and then show up with intention.

Or product sales page. Or logo design. Or graphics. Or whatever else it is that you’re spending time on while you avoid doing the real work you’ve been called to. Main goal for your website? Capture email addresses and get them to your lead magnet. Your site doesn’t have to be perfect when you first start or begin growing your business. Your logo and graphics? Same thing. Your equipment or setup for filming? SAME THING.
Get busy doing the real work in moving forward and stop staying distracted (and procrastinating) over details that don’t matter.

Worrying over what you can’t do will never move you forward. Second guessing what you’ve done or how others have responded won’t either. Today, instead of measuring your results by number of followers, comments, likes, follows, shares, or even sales, instead, measure it by OBEDIENCE.
It takes a long time to build trust. Customers will stick with you and purchase from you once they KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU, and TRUST YOU. This takes time. Keep showing up. Keep sharing. Keep teaching, Keep getting in your reps. Keep growing.
If He’s called you, don’t grow distracted by anything else. 

Want to know how I could quickly teach you about these five time wasters? BECAUSE I’VE DONE EVERY ONE OF THEM. MULTIPLE TIMES.

And I want to show you another way.

You’ve been called, friend, and you’ve got work to do. 

Let’s go.

Have questions? Send them my way.  I’m praying for all of you and cheering you on!


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