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Last night after a particularly challenging bed-time with
the kids, I sat down at the top of the stairs outside of their bedrooms. I was
weary and tired of feeling like at the end of the day, I had blown it once
again. I pulled out my phone and posted a status to the Wellness WitnessFacebook page. This is what I wrote:


case any of you happen to think I have it all together, let me reassure you
that I don’t. I hit my snooze button at least 5 times today and I’ve worn my
hair in a ponytail every single day this week because I’m too lazy to fix it. I
lose my temper at bedtime almost every night trying to get my kids to bed and
my kitchen floor is so dirty that I could literally pick up the dust balls
that are gathering along the walls. My desk at work is covered in so many
different stacks of papers that I have no clue where anything is at. One of my
kids peed in her pants at band practice tonight and the other one was
completely out of clean pants to wear to school today so I pulled a pair out of
the laundry basket from earlier in the week. I can’t tell you the last time
that I cleaned my shower and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t
misplace at least five or six items and have to wander around the house looking
for them. I have driven down the road with my smart phone on top of the car at
least four times and have dropped it in the toilet twice. The list could go on
and on, but by now, you get it.
a mess.
that is okay.
took this big old mess and is able to use it for His glory and His purposes.
can do the same with you.
give each other some grace.
one has everything as figured out and perfect as it will seem on social media.
No one.
try to fit the mold of what someone else’s life looks like from the outside and
don’t hold yourself to unrealistic expectations.
that you are loved, just the way you are…dirty kitchen floors and all!


was shocked and amazed by the way that this brief post resonated with people.
Regardless of age, gender, occupation, location, or whether or not someone had
children, people seemed to agree with my feelings. Many said they had
experienced the same frustrations, or were relieved to know that they weren’t
alone in feeling overwhelmed. 

received private messages and texts of friends saying that they are so tired of
trying to act like they have everything together and that they are doing fine
when in reality…they aren’t. People that I’ve never met applauded my post for
being willing to acknowledge the messy in life that we often like to gloss over
in social media. And friends, I was humbled. 

a fine line it is between trying to write and post to encourage others and then
to try to not appear as if everything is perfectly wonderful in my world at all

I ever appear as if I have it all together, rest assured that I don’t.

neither do the people that you see on facebook, twitter, instagram or sitting
in the row behind you at church.

Three things must happen if we will ever begin to see
any type of change in this area:
must begin to take off our masks and say “this is real life and I’m okay with it”.
2- We must reach out to others when we need help or prayer and let them know we
are struggling.
3-We much begin extending grace and love and celebrating what we see in those
around us.

have a lot to say about each of these things, and have decided that it might be
fun to issue a challenge to each of my readers and to spend next week diving
into these three topics a bit more.

on Monday, we will boldly step out and I’m going to ask you to do three things:
1- Take off the masks 2- speak up when you need help and 3- celebrate those
around you.  I’ll have a daily challenge
that I issue and a short task for you to complete. 

you are willing to jump into this next week with me, will you please let me
know? You can comment on this blog post, comment on the facebook post I’ll have
up on the Wellness Witness Page or even send me a private message or email. You could even post the above picture if you want to encourage your friends to jump in any participate with us. The more people, the more fun we will have!
would love to see many of you joining me in this movement and am praying that
you will. 

Friday. Love y’all!
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