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I am a huge proponent of goal setting.

I love writing down a new plan, launching into a new venture, or determining out a course of action.

The problems comes in my lack of follow-through. See, I LOVE a new plan, but I often lack the willpower to make those plans happen.

Change is hard. And real, lasting change is even harder. We are programmed to desire quick, easy fixes. And the truth is, in 99% of cases, these don’t exist.

My husband and I went on a quick date night this week and stopped by a local bookstore. We wondered over to the diet/healthy living section and I found SIX shelves filled floor to ceiling with diet books.

I browsed through the titles and descriptions and looked at the airbrushed images they contained. 

I thought about how in the last few days, my inbox has been
flooded with emails from marketers, bloggers, and supplement companies
trying to sell me the latest get-skinny quick plans. Every time I watch
TV commercials, pick up a magazine, or even listen to the radio
it is much of the same: “take this pill and lose 10 lbs in 10 days”. Or
“this workout is guaranteed to bring you six pack abs in six weeks or

And I thought about how many times I was that woman desperately searching for the magical cure to help me finally gain some freedom in my health. I was the one buying supplements, diet plans, DVDs and books. And I realized I had had Enough.


I have walked that road and fallen off the diet wagon more times than I
can count. I have gone from quick fix to quick fix trying to find
lasting change and contentment.

Here’s some truth for you,
friends: lasting change won’t come from a diet book or an at-home
workout DVD. Peace and contentment won’t be found when you lose weight
or gain six pack abs.

You see, these books, magazines, DVDs, and are missing the one thing that CAN bring peace and contentment. Even JOY. 

And this same ONE thing is the most critical component for you to include in your 2015 goals and resolutions. In fact, I propose that without this one thing, you won’t experience true success or heart change at all. 

This one thing:


Its time to first start looking at our hearts instead of our waistlines and our Bibles instead of fitness magazines.

Want to change your health? Ask God how He wants you to move. And eat. And live. And love. THAT is where real change can come.

So instead of me using this webspace to launch into a “Get Skinny Quick” blitz as most other fitness websites will be doing this week, I’m taking another approach. 

We are going to take this journey together- linked arm in arm with not only each other, but also with Jesus. 

We are going to make our goal and aim lasting, sustainable change that begins with our hearts and then leads to our bodies.

We’re going to tackle ONE healthy habit at a time, get really good at it as we rely on His strength, and then move on to another one. 

I’m calling this series #backtobasics2015 and it will last all year. 

Every 21 days, I’ll introduce a new healthy habit to you. We will work towards it together, sharing our successes and our struggles over on the Facebook page , Instagram account, and in the comment section of each post.

We will press into Jesus first, and allow Him to tell us how we should eat, and drink, and move, and live. 

You see, friends, I believe that it won’t matter how fit we are, how skinny we are, or how strong we are if our hearts are far from Him. 

So I’m asking you to join me on this journey. 

Will you agree to STOP the madness with the search for a quick fix and instead make this the year that you truly, truly commit to doing this His way? That we make lasting, sustainable changes and leave the rest up to Him?

Last night I read a quote by Lysa TerKeurst and it said, “My job is obedience. God’s job is results.”

I love that. 

Will you join me in being obedient to whatever calling God is giving you in your own health journey? Let’s steward the health we’ve been given well in HIS name and for HIS glory. 

If you’re ready and will join me in this #backtobasics2015 journey, please comment below with “I’m in!” or head over to the facebook page and comment on this post. 

I am excited to lead you through whatever 2015 will hold for us, and whether there are 2 of us, 200 or 2000, God will be glorified. 

Feel free to post this picture on your facebook page, instagram or other social media site. Let’s encourage others to join us in this journey!


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