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I’ve had the privilege of leading a group of women through Lysa TerKeurst’s Made to Crave study for the last month. Each week, we listen to her teaching, have discussion and then I try to feature a health topic of the week.

This past week, I discussed healthy snack options. One of them being the EGG.

I was amazed at some of the things I learned about eggs while researching for this class. Here are just a few facts about these nutritional powerhouses:

*Eggs have the highest biological value of protein of ANY food (this is a measure of how well it supports our bodies protein needs).

*Eggs are more effective at building protein than protein from all other sources, even milk and beef.

*On average, those who eat eggs consume an average of 164 calories LESS each day.

*In an 8 week study, two groups of people were either given a breakfast of 2 eggs or a bagel (same calories in each). Those that ate the eggs lost 65% MORE weight with NO EFFECT on their cholesterol or their triglyceride levels

*Eggs contain B12 which is used for fat breakdown

*Eggs can increase satiety by 50% (which means you eat less junk later!)

Another added bonus of eggs, they’re extremely affordable. We buy the ones that have Omega 3s added, and even with buying these expensive ones, they average out to only .22 cents an egg!

There are so many ways you can prepare eggs- I have two favorites:
1- scrambled up with as many vegetables as I can get my hands on

2- hard boiled (this is crazy because I used to HATE hard boiled eggs unless they were mixed with mayo in egg salad!)

*You can find more ideas for using EGGS in this post.

What’s your favorite way to prepare/eat eggs?

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