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 Hey, friends!

I’m back from vacation, well rested and ready to make Summer of 2015 one to remember.

The past week away was good for my heart and for my spirit- God did some speaking and some moving and He’s helping to smooth out some places in my heart that needed it. I’m excited about what all lies ahead and revealing it to you in His timing.

We had a great time at the beach, and although I made some healthy food choices, I also chose to indulge and enjoy a whole lot of treats like this:

And this:

In case you’re wondering, that’s a doughnut with peanut butter filling, chocolate icing, peanut butter drizzle and a Reeses Cup on top. Yes. I’m serious. And I had one on two different occasions this week.

I’ll tell you more about our vacation later, but for now, wanted to fill you in on what I’m going to be doing this week on my social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram)

See, I truly believe that we are all bodies here on mission.

And the things that I put into my body, affect what it can put out in the way of energy, behavior, mood, strength, etc.

And friends, although I LOVED my time with my peanut butter chocolate piece of heaven, I did not love the way I felt physically afterwards. After a week of eating things that I don’t typically eat, and not moving in the ways that I’m used to moving, I was tired, irritable, sore, and bloated.

And since I believe that we are here to be ON MISSION and that my body doesn’t really belong to me but to Him, and that I’m not supposed to be an ornament but an instrument for HIS glory, I know that it’s time to get it back under control.

(If you want to read a blog post that further expands on these thoughts and adds some really beautiful ones, check out fellow Rev Instructor Claire’s post here).

So this week, I’m getting back to being a #bodyonmission and am going to document some of my food choices for you in hopes that it will spur you on to being a #bodyonmission, also.

Normally I hesitate to share with y’all my food choices because I truly believe that we should all be eating in the way that God teaches us to, not in the way that someone else says is THE way to eat. But for this week, I’ll be sharing some snapshots of food choices that I’m eating and my struggle journey to reign in some habits that I need to bring back into submission so that I can live, serve, and move with the energy that I was created to.

Will you join me?
1- Make sure you’re following me on either Facebook or Instagram.
2- Post pictures of your healthy food and use the hashtag #bodyonmission

There’s a good chance I may be giving away some prizes to someone who uses this hashtag really well this week.

We can do this, friends. This isn’t about a bikini bootcamp, or a 5 day detox, or a summer shred- it’s about stewarding our health well for HIS name and for His glory in the way that He leads. It will look different for each of us, but it’s worth pursuing.

Will you join me?

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