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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Michelle Myers, the Owner of Cross Training Couture, and asked if I wanted to be a member of #teamCTC (A group of women that would help represent the CTC brand). I had to consider it for about .2 seconds until I enthusiastically responded “Are you kidding me?!?! YES!!!”.

 If you’ve followed this site for long, you know how much I love Cross Training Couture for several reasons:

-This company is based on Biblical Principles and creates products that get Scriptural Truths out to the public
-This company believes in MODESTY.
-This company creates SERIOUSLY cute fitness gear.
company prays over every tank that is sold, not only for the person
wearing it, but also that seeds of the Gospel will be planted in the
hearts of all those who see it.

-I whole-heatedly support  the calling and ministry of the company’s founder, Michelle Myers. She has a heart for Jesus, for leadership, and for fitness. (a woman after my own heart).
-Their tanks are affordable and well made.

Because of these reasons, I have chosen to use Cross Training Couture products for my two giveaways since Wellness Witness started.  I chose to purchase their tanks as my prizes for the contests because I loved what the company stood for,  and I wanted to support them (never having a clue that I would be part of #teamCTC one day.)

And for some crazy reason, Michelle Myers actually knows who I am, and has seen what God is doing through each of you and Wellness Witness, and asked me to be a part of Team CTC. How cool is that?!?!?! God is so very, very good to me.(Ps. 37:4 He continues giving me the desires of my heart when I honor Him).

What this means for you is not really anything different than what you’ve seen from me up to this point. I’ll still share posts and pictures of me wearing CTC gear, just like I have been. BUT,  I’ll also be able to give away more Cross Training Couture tanks to readers in the future, so you’ll see more giveaways coming up.I’ll also get to submit a few short videos and pictures for use by Cross Training Couture each month, which will help get the Wellness Witness ministry out to more people.

It’s a Win/Win, right?!

There is a new tank coming out THIS WEDNESDAY (tomorrow!) that you are going to LOVE. Head over to to purchase yours! 馃檪 There are exciting things coming up in the future for Cross Training Couture and I can’t wait to see what all God does through this company! Once the link to purchase the tanks is up, I’ll share it with you on my instagram page and on the Wellness Witness Facebook page.

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