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Here in North Carolina people are losing their minds over the Panthers going to the SuperBowl. Even at my kid’s school this week they have had a Panther’s Spirit Day every single day of the week! I’m not normally a huge NFL fan (we are more college football people), but it has been exciting to watch everyone rally and get behind this amazing team.

Today in our group workouts we had Super Bowl mania day and each of the circuits were based on either the Panthers team or on a player. It was fun! Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy:


IMG_5233 IMG_5240 IMG_5250 IMG_5257 IMG_5195 IMG_5208 IMG_5224

For those that want to plan their own Football/Panthers/SuperBowl themed workout, here’s what we did:
Warm-Up: Partner toss and Run, Quick Feet shuffles
Stations: 6 stations. Groups stayed at each session to do THREE times through. 45 seconds work, 15 seconds recover. On the third time, they were given 30 seconds to transition to the next station and to catch their breath.
-Receiver Runs (sprints and 3 point stance across the gym)
-Luke Kuechly Kicks (on hands and knees, bent leg and press foot up towards ceiling.)
-DAB like a Heisman (Heisman runs but with a DAB added to end of each move)
-Stewart Side Runs- Using the ladder complete various runs up and back
-KEEP POUNDING ball slams-聽slam balls in groups. Slam then run to back of line.
-Panther Prowl- like a bear crawl but in panther style

At Half-time we had 3 minutes of a Partner Push drill followed by quick feet and then quick feet shuffles.

It was so fun!

Lastly, some tips for you as you enter into Super Bowl weekend and people LOSE THEIR MINDS over eating all the foods…


Some strategies that may help you:
-Drink your water. Start now.
-Eat healthy meals for Breakfast and Lunch on the big day. “Saving your Calories” for the game is not a good idea.
-Focus on Protein whenever you can.
-If you have to choose between fat or starch, choose fat.
-Remind yourself that this is NOT the last opportunity that you’ll ever have to enjoy these types of foods so you don’t have to go all out, full blown crazy. A few bites may satisfy your craving without making you feel stuffed.
-Remember 1 Cor 10:23 that EVERYTHING is permissible, but not everything is BENEFICIAL.
Regardless of what you choose to eat or not eat, there is grace. God won’t love you any more or any less than He does right now.

Have fun!
And Go Panthers!

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