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I have to be honest with you.

My goal for this wellness ministry isn’t to reach you so I can help you change your clothing size…

Or the amount of weight that you can lift…

Or the amazing fat loss recipes that you can learn to cook.

My goal isn’t any of that.

My goal is to reach your heart.

I want to create in you a desire to draw nearer to God and that from this,  you choose to honor Him with your bodies.

If I’ve missed that, then I’ve missed what God has called me to.

And to be quite honest, so have you.

Friends, a healthy, attractive physique won’t matter one bit if our hearts are ugly…

if our hearts are far from Him…

if we’ve idolized these temporary vessels instead of using them to point to the One who made them.
If tomorrow morning you must choose whether to spend time the Word or to get in a workout, choose Him.

If you must decide whether to pack healthy snacks or to spend 10 minutes in prayer, choose prayer.

No amount of weight or inches that can be lost is worth choosing over a better relationship with our Lord.

You can do this, but only in HIS strength and for HIS glory.

Let your wellness be your witness for HIS name.

Love each of you, friends!
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