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For those who weren’t with us in February 2019 when we learned a lot about sugar, here’s all the info we covered:
I hope this will be beneficial to you!

1- This podcast:

It’s from the podcast CRITICAL CONVERSATIONS and is episode #010 from May 2018. This podcast is recorded by an ER nurse and although it may not be what you want to hear, it just might be information that will help you.

2- The Sugar in Our Beverages– I’ll give you nutrition labels, photos, and more. Be sure to read this one!

3- 14 Simple Ways to Reduce your Sugar Intake

4-  How does excess sugar affect your body? (besides your weight)
5- Podcast on Blood Sugar and Pre-Diabetes:
6- Podcast on Refined Sugar: Its impact on Mortality, the Brain, Cancer, Hormones and more:

7- Dr Axe: What Sugar Does to Your Brain

8- Dr. Axe: Sugar Withdrawl and how to Control Cravings (With a 4-week plan!)


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