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When I first started incorporating weights into my workouts, I didn’t know where to begin. I found a basic full body workout and then tweaked it to meet the equipment that I had, the time that was available, and the space in my home. For me, that means something that I could do in a confined space, something that used no more than a few sets of dumbbells, and something that I could complete in the family room while my kids were watching one television show. I no longer do this style of workout  since I have started to incorporate more Metabolic Effect principles, but this is a GREAT starting point for those of you that want to begin working with weights, but have little experience.

I’ve included links with each exercise in case you aren’t sure how to correctly perform one of the moves. Please note, I am NOT a personal trainer, nor am I a licensed exercise instructor. This is simply what I found worked for me and has helped some friends that I have shared it with. Hope you enjoy!!

The “Getting Started with Weights” WorkoutThis is set up to be a three day/week workout with dumbbells. Perform each exercise back to back with as little rest as you can stand. Aim for two sets your first week and then after that try to add in a third set. I can usually complete three rounds of this within 30 minutes at the most.

*Monday and Wednesday Workout (Exactly the same both days)

Squats with weights


Bent Over Rows

Military Press (I do this seated on exercise ball or on table to engage the abs also)

Upright Row

Triceps Pushups on Wall

Wall Sits

Bicep Curls

Hamstring Curls


Ab Work (Combination of moves to target upper, lower, transverse and obliques) For ideas, look on YouTube.

Friday workout:
Mostly the same exercises as on Monday and Wednesday, but adding in more leg exercises.

Squats with weights


Bent Over Rows

Traveling Lunges

Upright Row

Step-ups with hand weights and a shoulder press

Triceps Pushups on Wall

Squat Jumps (if these are too difficult, just do a set of squats with dumbbells)

Bicep Curls


Jumping lunges (If these are too hard on your knees, simply do a Reverse lunge with dumbbells )

Saturday Workout:
AB FOCUS plus interval day
(Do a mix of any type of ab exercises you can find. I usually get my ideas from YouTube or from Pinterest. Make sure you target all the abs, not just upper abs).

My favorite intervals are on the treadmill. I do 30 seconds going the absolute fastest I can go (my treadmill maxes out at a 10.0, but you can do whatever speed feels like your maximum), then recover. You can also do this on any other type of equipment, or outside. Some days in the backyard I’ll just do sprints. I’ll run as quick as I can from one side of the yard to the other, then walk back to my starting point. I repeat 8-10 times. This is a super fast cardio workout that keeps burning fat for up to 48 hours if you really push it hard during the intervals.
Here’s a quick video describing them:

This workout will get you started working with weights and will help you begin to change your strength and your body shape. As the weight you are working with gets easier, increase the amount of weight you are using. Use the Metabolic Effect Principle here- push as hard as you can until you can’t, then rest until you can.

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