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Hey, friends!

Two weeks ago we talked about BATCHING content. Last week I shared with you 5 top time wasters and today I wanted to give you a tip on how to save some time when composing texts, captions, or messages from your phone.

Why does this matter or help? 
For text that you often type (such as lists of hashtags for your posts) you can save these in your phone and then easily type in one word to have the entire list show up in the caption of your post.

When I’m posting a video clip on Instagram with exercises examples, I have a list of hashtags that I use in the caption of that post. These vary depending on the content somewhat, but there are some hashtags that I will always include such as: #christianhealthandwellness #faithbasedfitness #onlinefitness #onlineworkout #christianfitness #revelationwellnessinstructor #wellnesswitness #athome tribe and others.

I have these saved as a note on my phone as well as other groups of hashtags so that I can easily copy and paste them into the body of my caption. But, I also have them saved as a keyboard shortcut in my iPhone. That means that I have saved each different group of 30 hashtags together and given them a label such as “.fit”.

When I go to compose my post on Instagram, I type my caption out and then I type .fit. Automatically, my list of those 30 hashtags will pop up in the caption.

You could do the same for auto responses that you often use when replying to comments on your social media posts, for shortcuts you want to save, or for anything else like this.

Fun, right?

For instructions for iPhone users, click HERE.
For instructors for Android users, click HERE.

I hope this was helpful to you. Let’s work SMARTER and not harder on these little details so that we can devote our time and talents to doing the work He’s called us to. Amen? Amen.

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