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I’m celebrating a birthday tomorrow, but while out on my birthday dinner date with my husband this past weekend, he asked me, “What’s your goal for Wellness Witness this next year?”
I stopped to consider my answer but it immediately came to me.

And it wasn’t more revenue.

It wasn’t a bigger platform.

It wasn’t more speaking engagements, a fitter body to teach with, or even more followers.

It was evidence of changed lives. 

See, I want the Lord to use me to lead in a Revolution…

A revolution of women  who walk forward FREE. 

Women who know exactly who they are.

Women who believe that they were created ON PURPOSE and FOR A PURPOSE.

Women who understand that although they are fully known, they’re also FULLY LOVED. 

Women who refuse to determine their worth by their weight or clothing size. 

Women who choose to speak LIFE to those around them. 

Women who show up and get really low in humility when most would either shrink back in anger or puff up with pride. 

Women who know WHOSE they are and who can’t help but to step forward when they’re called. 

Women who refuse to compare or compete but who just want to cheer on and celebrate. 

Women who have been SET FREE by Christ and who can’t help but want to set others free, too. 

And I believe not only is it possible, I believe it is already begun.

I’m seeing it through the work of other ministries around me like Revelation Wellness , RevWell Anderson, PrayFit, SheWorksHisWay, and so many more.

I’m seeing it in the lives of the women who attend the #530amtribe and the #820amtribe.

I’m watching it happen in the lives of the women in the online At-Home TRIBE.

And I’m seeing flickers of it beginning in my own children. 

Yes, Lord, We say YES and MORE. 



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