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If you missed Part 1, you can read it by clicking here.

Once we were settled into our rooms, we headed to our Introduction and Opening Intention. It was a room with over 200 of us (there were around 40 from RevWell, the rest were HolyYoga) and Brooke and Alisa spoke powerful words. They set the focus for the week and discussed things that we would NOT have during the week and things we wanted to INVITE there.

Beautiful, right?

From there we began our week.

We had classes on all sorts of topics including Dysfunction and healing, anatomy (lots of anatomy!), teamwork, messaging, class design, warm-ups and cardio, partner stretching, helping the elderly and obese, resistance training, teambuilding, games for classes, Weigh Less to Feed More, original design, loving others and more.

Our “war paint” we put on each morning.

We also had some really good Bible study time and prayer. God used our leaders to speak truth and I learned so much. Some of my biggest takeaways from their teaching:

-In Judges 5:6-7, people held back until Deborah arose. This is the case for all of us. Until we ARISE and walk forward, people are held back. When we will WAKE UP, others will, too.

-I have an original design. God made me for a purpose and the further I walk in freedom with Him, the more I discover who I was made to be. GET FREE, STAY FREE! When I get discouraged of off track I need to stop and pray, “What have I forgotten about how you made ME, God?”

-What God designs, He directs.

-We aren’t called simply to help others to “feel better”, we need to help them “GET better”. The same goes for myself.

-A seed must come completely undone before it can flourish. And part of the remaking into our Original Design is found only through intimacy with God. God can unveil ourselves TO ourself.

-Sin ALWAYS costs something.

-Our own brokenness keeps us from seeing our brokenness.

-We have the CHOICE as to whether or not to take offense to something. Unforgiveness is the furthest we can get from our Original Design.Want freedom? FORGIVE. AWAKEN. ARISE.

-If we could run every decision by the foot of the cross, our responses would be different. We would give them NOT what we feel we deserve, but what THEY NEED.

Small group time was another highlight of the week and our small group leaders, Myra and Jolene helped us to process through our own stories and journeys and to determine what we needed to LET GO before we could really find freedom.

The week was full of some really GOOD workouts and I was exposed to some types of training I had never attempted before. Each workout TRULY was WORSHIP and at many times I was fully standing in God’s presence even though I may have been doing pushups, stretching, or burpees.

We were pushed to step outside of our comfort zones through tasks such as Ipod Karaoke, swinging while suspended 200 or so feet in the air, teaching our own class and being evaluated, allowing others to speak words of life and affirmation about us, dance parties, fire and water ceremony, partner games, and more. Each day they placed a new challenge before us, and each day, as a family, we walked through it.

The best way I know how to describe the week is that it’s just like church camp when you’re a teenager. Except: it’s church camp filled with 200 other people who are passionately pursuing a deeper relationship with Christ and holding nothing back. People who are willing to be real and messy and to show you all their baggage. People who hold your hand when you are scared or who stop in the middle of what they are doing to pray over you. People that fully understand the desire of your heart to lead others into freedom because it is the same one that they have. People who cheer you on and REALLY mean it. People who help you find your Original Design and then push you to brave enough to pursue freedom at all costs. People who are family.

It was a glimpse for me of what Heaven must be like.

By the end of the week, we were not just a group of people that went through a training program. We were family.

And then we were commissioned and sent out to change the world.

And we will.

Not because of anything that we will do or say, but because of what God can do through a willing heart.

Want to learn more about this amazing program? Visit and click on Become An Instructor.

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the week:

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  1. Kara – I was searching for a video to show my kids as I prepare for Retreat – less than 2 weeks! Eek!! And I came across your blog posts. Thank you for these. I have read & prayer & watched many things about retreat but the unknown is exciting and scary as my retreat draws near. Today this comforted me & made me super excited! I can’t wait to experience it – even the part of being uncomfortable!! Love your heart & your mission to help others know the Lord & get healthy! Love & peace to you!

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