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Hey, y’all.

Wanted to fill you in on how things ended up last week, and how they are beginning new already.

If you read THIS post, you’re aware that I unexpectedly found out that I would not be returning to my job as a school counselor next year. To say this was a shock would be an understatement, but God is making it abundantly clear that His hand is in all of this.

I was asked to come in and to close out my work at the school last week with Wednesday being my deadline.



Packing up my office was not easy, but as I began to go through all of my student files, it got a lot harder. With each folder I opened, I remembered previous conversations  with my students about their future plans, hopes, dreams, past hurts, hurdles they’ve overcome, and times that we had spent together working through hard things.

And to be quite honest, it hurt. I was mad. Mad to not have any closure, mad to be moving on so abruptly, mad at myself for being mad…you name it.

Eventually, I worked through everything that I needed to get done to
close up the last 12 years of my professional life, and walk out of that


I stopped in to where all the faculty my friends were meeting to try to say goodbye. We snapped a group picture,

exchanged a quick hug, and I had to walk through these doors.

It was a big moment for me. I know that may sound strange, but walking forward knowing that the door is closing to the life you’ve known but that God is moving you through new ones is a strange feeling. As I walked I cried and just kept saying, “God, I trust You. I trust YOU.”

And I do.

A friend sent me a text that morning and reminded me of this: This isn’t the LAST day of your journey, it’s the FIRST day.

What a great reminder!

And because God is so good and loves us so well, He did some other really cool things that same day. He set it up to where my very last day of work would fall on the same day as my 100th group workout with my local fitness class. How cool is that?!?!

I had told all of my ladies in class that we would be celebrating our 100th workout and to show up if at all possible. I invited back previous members and invited new guests and worked on a fun “100” themed workout for the group.


Sweet poster a dear friend made for our 100th workout

I showed up at 5 am to get everything set up and ready for our workout and realized that the key to the gym that we use was no longer on my key chain. It was just gone. GONE.

Not good.

Normally I would have  panicked a bit as I knew within 15 minutes I would have about 50 women showing up to workout, but God gave me some peace and after consulting with a couple of my group members, we just decided to plop our things down in the parking lot (in the dark!) and make it work.

We crowded into the lot, spread out our mats, and launched into the workout.

And y’all, it was good. GOOD.

We finished our workout, and then had this surprise:

(Video link no longer available).
If you can make it through my crying and stammering around for what to
say during the first part, listen for the second half of what I had to
say:”can you just see this as like a testament to wherever
God leads, if you just step, He’s there. He’s there. He is. And so I
don’t know what God is telling you in your heart, y’all, but if He tells
you to step, GO. GO. Right? GO!”.

I’m not a gifted speaker, but
God is using my mess to spread a message during this season. If He is
calling, GO. If He is leading, FOLLOW.

(And in case you’re
interested, what I was opening up was a card with a ridiculously
amazing, generous gift from my local ladies. They knew that I had to
give back my ipad to work, and that I really needed one for our music at
workouts. They donated and collected and gave me enough money to
purchase a brand new ipad, plus enough money to officially create
Wellness Witness, LLC and become a real life full fledged business

On my last day of employment as a counselor, they GIFTED ME with the ability to run my own business.

And God orchestrated it all to happen on the same day as my 100th workout class.

How cool is that?!?!

if you think that He isn’t interested or involved in our every day
moments, you’re wrong. I have had reminder after reminder after reminder
lately that He is IN this with me. He is working ALL things together
for my good and His glory and HE CAN BE TRUSTED. He Can.

When I started these workout classes last summer, I had no idea it would become this.

These women are my family, my encouragers, my tribe, and my heart. It is
my high privilege to get to lead them. I cannot wait to see where God
leads our group in the days ahead and where He leads this ministry.

Here’s what I do know- I’m ready to follow. I am ready to STEP out of the boat. Eyes on Him. Heart Open.

What about you, friend? Where are you being called to go that terrifies you and at the same time inspires you? Maybe it’s time?

Love y’all!

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